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Why Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Is So Important

via ABC Action News on Youtube In 2013 A Jury Awarded This Woman $20.2 million in damages In a Sexual Harassment Case Against a Largo Travel Company In 2013, Patty Mattaccherio was awarded $20.2 million dollars in a successful sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer Largo Travel. She filed her initial complaint in [...]

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Why Sexual Harassment Training In California Is Essential For Your Business

In 2013 California City Mayor Was Accused of Sexual Harassment, Just Another Reason Why Sexual Harassment Training Is Extremely Important Sexual harassment training is often overlooked as a non-essential business training curriculum by managers. However, as an increasingly large number of sexual harassment lawsuits are issued against business operators the importance of providing sexual harassment [...]

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Sensitivity Training: Enhancing Diversity, Respect & Sensitivity in the Workplace

Image via ABC News on Youtube Are We Programmed Towards Gender Bias? Video Proves The Importance of Sensitivity Training in The Workplace Gender as a factor when hiring? A Yale University Study Proves the Importance of Sensitivity Training for Management In 2013 Yale University conducted a study in human resources with a focus [...]

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Sensitivity Training For Doctors

Most people would agree that great doctors are defined not only by their skills as practitioners but also by their excellent bedside matter. Developing the communication and people skills to conduct one’s self professionally as a physician occasionally requires additional training. Thankfully, Proven Training Solution has developed a specific program curriculum precisely for this purpose. [...]

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Workplace Sensitivity Training – by Proven Training Solutions

Has your workplace become a bit “too casual”? Maintaining the balance between friendliness and professionalism amongst your staff members can be a difficult task. While on one hand it is beneficial to nurture teamwork and comradeship between co-workers, on the other you want to maintain respect and order within your place of business. Occasionally, when [...]

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Sensitivity Training for Executives

In today’s world, with a lagging economy that is only starting to show signs of coming around, stress is one of the biggest contributors to loss of productivity. Companies want all levels of management to ‘do more with less’ and at the same time increase the bottom line for the good of the company. That [...]

Diversity and Sensitivity Training

Diversity and sensitivity training is a popular and frequently requested training option for many companies and corporations. Improving employee and customer relationships is crucial to the success of a business. As companies try to compete in a rapidly changing market place, diversity training and sensitivity training for managers gives these companies and their employees the [...]

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Sensitivity Training in the Workplace

Building one workforce from a diversity of workers equals sensitivity training in the workplace.Today’s work force is more culturally diverse than ever. Cultural diversity training helps your business to get the most from this diversity. There are numerous reasons why your company should be employing sensitivity training in the workplace. There’s the fact that encouraging our [...]

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