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Handling Employee Attitude Problems

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    Handling Employee Attitude Problems

    Performance Problems:

    • Manager's job duties are affected by the time necessary to deal with the attitude problem
    • Performance improvement discussions become frustrating arguments and debates
    • Time spent with the attitude problems takes managers away from employees who want to improve
    • Manager's enthusiasm is diminished after working with this problem employee
    • If not addressed, the attitude can become contagious and infect an entire department
    • People are reluctant to address the problem because of this person's confrontational nature
    • Productivity is affected because other employees refuse to work with this attitude problem
    • People walk on "eggshells" around this employee afraid they will blow up if offended
    • This attitude problem is causing other employees to call in sick, request a transfer or quit
    • Clients, customers or other managers request this person not work with their people
    • Supervisors have not received management skills training or human resources training
    • Most human resources training doesn't adequately address attitude issues

    Training Deliverables:

    • Improve employee performance and morale by reducing workplace conflict
    • Increase managerial consistency and effectiveness in handling attitude problems
    • Improve productivity and efficiency by resolving attitude problems
    • Create more teamwork and cooperation between employees
    • Prevent emotionally charged situations from becoming frustrating, energy draining arguments
    • Increase confidence and comfort level of managers in dealing with difficult employees
    • Recognize and understand the most common causes of attitude problems
    • Develop assertive response plans for difficult types of people and personalities
    • Determine when it is safe to begin the formal discipline process and how to safely document "bad attitude"
    • Deal with employees who deny problems and try to blame everyone else
    • Prevent attitude problems by creating a motivating work climate
    • Understand legal "Do's & Don'ts" of when personal problems or substance abuse are the cause of the attitude
    • Create effective performance and behavior turn-around plans
    • Spot attitude warning signs in the interview process before the employee is hired
    • Be safe and smart when attitude problems may stem from harassment, cultural or age differences
    • Proactive management training to change attitudes

    Handling Employee Attitude Problems Course Outline: 

    I.   Causes of Attitude Problems

    1. Where do attitude problems come from
    2. Dealing with bad attitudes
    3. Understanding different personalities
    4. Motivating factors on the job not covered in most human resources training

    II.  Overcoming the Most Common Attitude Problems

    1. Creating the proper workplace climate
    2. Establish appropriate rules of discipline
    3. Dealing with personal problems brought to work
    4. Understand the ADA and FMLA
    5. Overcome resistance to change
    6. Deal with age and cultural differences safely with management skills training
    7. Handling "Know-it-Alls" and other problem behaviors

    III. The Manager's Role in Coaching & Counseling

    1. Creating a performance turn-around plan
    2. Mediating conflict between employees
    3. Dealing with employees who won't change
    4. Safe guidelines for documenting attitude problems
    5. steps of disciplinary action
    6. Legally terminating because of a "bad attitude"
    7. Developing a coping strategy to live with problems

    IV.  Prevent Attitude Problems Proactively

    1. Establish confidence and trust with our employees
    2. Spot potential attitude warning signals in the interviewing process
    3. Recognize the early signs of attitude or burn out problems
    4. Create an attitude tune-up plan with effective management training

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