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Managing More Efficiently with Results Based Performance Management

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    Managing More Efficiently with Results Based Performance Management

    Is your company planning on down-sizing staff (or perhaps has already done so)? It’s an unfortunate effect of the turbulent economic times.  Although many companies decide  that the bottom-line will be improved with  belt tightening, it doesn’t lower or diminish expectations for productivity and profits. So, how can you produce results with less staff? The answer is result based performance management training.

    Performance management training is  to help managers improve their capabilities and that of their teams. This training focuses on improving clear goal setting and follow up, , performance feedback and evaluation, time management skills  and coordinating performance  to deliver the best results.

     As your company  experiences changes from down-sizing or economic stress, it’s especially important to retool your supervisors skill sets  to address these changes. Bringing training on site allows you an opportunity to remove managers and supervisors from the chaotic daily demands and get them into an environment where they can focus on the most important things: improving performance effectiveness, setting clear goals, and establishing a plan to work towards those goals.

    As companies down-size, managers and supervisors are often required to supervise more teams from a distance. It becomes even more important that these managers and supervisors receive remote employee management training  in order to have the skills necessary to manage employees when they aren’t able to directly supervise employees at the same physical location.  Off-site or remote employee management provides many challenges that can be overcome with the proper training.

     With proper remote employee management training, you’ll learn how to set up an oversight system that allows you to set and track clear goals and improve employee performance without having to be at the employee’s work location. 

    Even when budgets are tight, supervisory training still makes sense. The best way to have fewer employees get the most work done is by increasing the skill sets of our supervisors and managers. They have the greatest influence over the productivity and effectiveness of their employees. Training programs like time management for supervisors, results based performance management and remote employee management training can provide a productivity return on your investment.

    With the right training programs, you can greatly improve team and employee productivity and supervisory skills. That means supervisors manage employees more effectively, teams are able to work more efficiently with less, and goals are being met. Can you afford  NOT to take advantage of the benefits and returns of on-site management and supervisory training?

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