Has your workplace become a bit “too casual”?

Maintaining the balance between friendliness and professionalism amongst your staff members can be a difficult task. While on one hand it is beneficial to nurture teamwork and comradeship between co-workers, on the other you want to maintain respect and order within your place of business. Occasionally, when staff members have worked together for a period time they can begin to interact with each other a bit too indifferently. This may lead to new concerns about respect and sensitivity in the workplace emerging.

When this occurs, it may be a good idea to run a sensitivity refresher course for your staff. Going through a curriculum that covers the basics of workplace diversity, respect, and sensitivity is a great way to remind your employees about behaviors that may be considered inappropriate in the work environment. It is also a good opportunity to cultivate discussion and raise awareness about what expected from your employees on a day-to-day basis. The Proven Training Solutions, Sensitivity Training Course is ideal for helping managers lead the discussion and constructively educate employees about the importance of respecting one another and professional conduct.

Why Sensitivity Training is Important

As workforces transition and bring in new employees from all walks of life it is important that respectful etiquette is always observed. There are two main reasons for this:

1. To insure that all employees feel safe and respected at work.
2. To prevent personal relationships from negatively affecting the business

Conducting a sensitivity training seminar with your staff is an ideal opportunity to remind employees about these two important elements. With materials provided from Proven Solutions you will be able to deliver a comprehensive presentation about Sensitivity Training that is suitable for any workplace.

Defining The Line of Appropriate Behavior

When many people work together in close quarters it can be easy to overlook the rules of professional conduct. If you have noticed that the line of appropriate behavior has begun to become a bit blurred, it may be time to redefine it by running a Sensitivity Training Course.

Proven Training Solutions, Sensitivity Training Courses cover all areas of conduct and behavior for all businesses, with curriculum outlines that cover a wide variety of specific areas of sensitivity training and awareness.

  • A Diverse and Harassment Free Workplace
  • Enhancing Diversity, Respect, & Sensitivity With in The Workplace
  • Sensitivity Training For Doctors
  • Preventing Harassment in The Workplace
  • Sensitivity Training For Managers
  • California AB 1825 Harassment Prevention Training
  • Effectively Manage & Communicate in A Diverse Workplace

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