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Deal With Angry Customers

By staying calm, you may be able to satisfy even the most upset customer. Even if you don’t, you can maintain your professionalism. One of the hardest things to teach people who are new to customer service is the art of staying calm when you have to deal with angry customers. While there’s nothing easy [...]

5 Good Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in Management Training

Why You Should Invest in Management Training From Proven Training Solutions When you work in a professional structure, it is important to plan for the future of your company. One of the best ways to do this is with management training. Today we are going to share 7 reasons why your business should invest in training [...]

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Workplace Sensitivity Training – by Proven Training Solutions

Has your workplace become a bit “too casual”? Maintaining the balance between friendliness and professionalism amongst your staff members can be a difficult task. While on one hand it is beneficial to nurture teamwork and comradeship between co-workers, on the other you want to maintain respect and order within your place of business. Occasionally, when [...]

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Benefits of Attending Project Management Classes

There are compelling reasons why projects - in whatever industry - need effective project management classes. For one, it helps to send deliverables on time while the quality is not compromised. Another is only through effective management that a business can maintain its reputation as good producer or service provider. Customers are particular with quality [...]

Teleworker Management Training for Federal Employees

There are more and more federal employees that are turning to teleworking today. In fact, 95% of GSA employees telework during winter season; their operations are generally unhampered even when most of their offices are closed. Indeed, this is a promising work arrangement and the reason is simple: this allows federal employees to render services [...]

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Teleworking Employees in Washington, Virginia and Arlington

How to effectively manage teleworking employees In many ways managing employees who are teleworking isn’t that much different than managing staff that are located on-site. However, when you do have employees working from home or other locations there are some important things to consider. Thanks to new advances in technology communicating with employees located off-site [...]

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Teleworking Employees in Washington, Virginia and Arlington

Are you feeling lost managing teleworking employees in Washington, Virginia and Arlington? In 2016, it is estimated that there will be more people “teleworking” or working from home than ever before in the United States. The reason for this is clear, new advances in technology have made it extremely easy for managers to communicate with [...]

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Proven Training Solutions: Supervisors Training Benefits & Deliverables

Hoping to strengthen the confidence and effectiveness of new supervising staff members while also motivating them to reach their goals? If you have recently promoted a member or members(s) of your staff to management roles and you want to see them excel our training program can help. The Proven Training Solutions, Supervisors Training Benefits & [...]

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Proven Training Solutions: Developing World Class Customer Service

Call Proven Training Solutions at 800.403.5456 for the best Customer Service Training around. Providing top notch Management Skills For Supervisor Training throughout the Continental U.S. Start Every Day With A Great Work Environment! Call Proven Training Solutions Today and We'll schedule a consultation! 800.403.5456 We recognize the unique dynamics of onsite training and excel in [...]

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Why Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Is So Important

via ABC Action News on Youtube In 2013 A Jury Awarded This Woman $20.2 million in damages In a Sexual Harassment Case Against a Largo Travel Company In 2013, Patty Mattaccherio was awarded $20.2 million dollars in a successful sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer Largo Travel. She filed her initial complaint in [...]

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