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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Increase individual and team productivity and effectiveness
  • Improve the interpersonal skills that generate harmony and allow people to get along
  • Improve both individual and team responsibility with team member training
  • Enhance individual and team accountability with team member training
  • Increase the cooperation and collaboration of individuals, teams and departments
  • Reduce the frustration and antagonism between people and groups that don’t get along
  • Increase responsiveness to internal and external customer needs and requirements
  • Understand the roles and goals of both teams and team-members
  • Know the different roles that are essential for a team to be successful with team member training
  • Apply the most effective skills to be a valuable team contributor
  • Develop communication skills that lead to understanding and consensus
  • Become more creative in your problem-solving with team member training

Course Outline:

I.  Develop an Understanding of a Clear Team Vision

  1. Understand how people need to interact to be a successful team
  2. Identify the most important skills of an effective team
  3. Enhance the 6 most critical skill sets of an effective team member
  4. Understand the critical importance of interpersonal dynamics in teambuilding
  5. Understand how to be a positive influence on those dynamics
  6. Identify the core competencies of a high-performance team
  7. Identify, clarify and define the different your role on a team
  8. Commit to the importance of contributing to the team
  9. Commit to team goals and responsibilities

II. Expand Your Interpersonal Skills and Abilities

  1. Assess your own skills and abilities
  2. Identify your work style and ability realistically
  3. Identify the most important skill sets to be an effective team member
  4. Understand the most important “6 Team Effectiveness Factors”
  5. Improve your interpersonal communication skills
  6. Develop improved listening skills
  7. Learn how to give and receive feedback more constructively and less destructively
  8. Encourage trust by demonstrating loyalty to your team
  9. Demonstrate honesty and a strong work ethic to show commitment to your team

III. Share Responsibility & Accountability for Team Results

  1. Recognize individual differences on teams
  2. Avoid interpersonal conflict in teams
  3. Develop more effective conflict resolutions strategies
  4. Develop more effective and creative problem-solving techniques
  5. Identify how to take more initiative to get things done
  6. Learn how to more effectively encourage and support fellow team members
  7. Learn how to more effectively support the team leader
  8. Increase your ability to productively participate in team meetings
  9. Cultivate and maintain more positive working relationships with fellow team members

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