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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Promote increased cooperation and collaboration among all levels of management in team building training
  • Develop an improved appreciation for other team members
  • Increase individual, team and department productivity and effectiveness
  • Improve morale and cooperation up, down and between the links of the chain of command
  • Improve both individual and department responsibility and accountability with team building training
  • Increase the cooperation and collaboration of individuals, teams and departments
  • Reduce the frustration and antagonism between people/departments that don’t get along
  • Understand the roles and goals of management teams and team-members
  • Promote more creative problem solving among among team members
  • Encourage appropriate risk-taking in team building training
  • Improve the lines of communication and the flow of information with team building training
  • Develop communication skills that lead to understanding and consensus with team building training
  • Develop the interpersonal skills that generate harmony and allow departments to get along

Course Outline:

I. The Importance of Working Together as Teams

  1.  Benefits of executive level team building, cooperation and coordination
  2.  Most common reasons team building and cooperation aren’t successful
  3.  Establish the necessary foundations for trust and communication
  4.  Overcome obstacles to teamwork and communication

II. Expand Your Interpersonal Skills and Abilities

  1.  Assess your own skills and abilities
  2.  Identify your work style and ability realistically
  3.  Identify the most important skill sets to be an effective team member
  4.  Understand your personality and how it can affect work relationships
  5.  Learn about other types of personalities and how to get along with them
  6.  Identify changes in your personality that can improve your overall effectiveness
  7.  Understand the most important “6 Team Effectiveness Factors”
  8.  Improve your interpersonal communication skills
  9.  Develop improved listening skills
  10.  Learn to present your ideas more effectively without generating arguments
  11.  Learn how to give and receive feedback more constructively and less destructively
  12.  Understand and practice effective consensus-building and decision-making skills
  13.  Encourage trust by demonstrating loyalty to your team

III. Share Responsibility / Accountability for Team & Organizational Results

  1.  Recognize individual personality and professional differences on teams
  2.  Avoid interpersonal conflict in teams
  3.  Develop more effective conflict resolutions strategies
  4.  Understand how executive team fighting affects employee morale and motivation
  5.  Develop more effective and creative problem-solving techniques
  6.  Understand the importance of fulfilling obligations in showing commitment
  7.  Learn how to more effectively encourage and support fellow team members
  8.  Learn how to more effectively support each other
  9.  Increase your ability to productively participate in meetings
  10.  Cultivate and maintain more positive working relationships with fellow team members

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