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Customer Service Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Increase customer loyalty by better meeting and exceeding their service expectations
  • Expand CSR abilities to probe customer’s needs and up-sell products and services
  • Deliver service that earns the praise of customers and clients with our customer service training
  • Reduce the stress level of customer service employees through our customer service training
  • Decrease the number of lost customers due to poor quality service
  • Transform potential customer conflict into customer cooperation
  • Defuse the angry or cynical customer more successfully with our customer service training
  • Deliver service that sets you apart by dialing into the personal wants and preferences of our customers
  • Anticipate, identify and exceed service expectations more regularly
  • Develop expert listening techniques that will tell your customer they have your full attention
  • Quickly identify customer personality types and respond in their preferred communication style
  • Enhance customer need probing skills through improved questioning techniques
  • Improve fundamental and advanced sales and closing techniques
  • Deliver bad news with phrases that don’t overly upset or alienate the customer
  • Make customers feel they’re receiving top level service even when we can’t deliver everything they want
  • Respond diplomatically to the most demanding customers with our customer service training
  • Help customers realize when they’re wrong and come up with a face-saving solution
  • Defuse customer emotions and create positive outcomes
  • Build and maintain more professional telephone customer relationships
  • Build greater CSR confidence through motivating customer service training

Course Outline

I.   Anticipate Customer Expectations

  1. The 4 steps to delivering world-class customer service
  2. The elements of exceptional service
  3. Anticipate customer perceptions of service level
  4. Service promises used to set customer expectations

II.  Deliver World Class Customer Service

  1. 5 keys to world-class service
  2. Best practices of customer service reliability, assurance, empathy & responsiveness
  3. Project a superior service image and personality
  4. Manage telephone service successfully
  5. Develop excellent listening techniques

III. Handle Service Problems in Ways to Satisfy Customers

  1. The critical importance of service recovery and customer satisfaction
  2. Be a fantastic problem fixer
  3. Soothe upset and angry customers
  4. Managing when you have to say “no” or deliver bad news to customers
  5. Deal effectively with difficult customers
  6. Regain trust when mistakes are made
  7. Keep service issues from becoming emotional
  8. Help customers even when they are wrong
  9. Convince skeptical or cynical customers

IV.  Stay Calm When the Pressure is On

  1. Handle the stress and pressure of customer service
  2. Stress management techniques
  3. Separate the personal from the problem

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