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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Use feedback to change performance or behavior in performance management training
  • Increase performance consistency by linking performance goals to tactical & strategic plans
  • Cascade organizational goals down through department and employee goals
  • Establish an effective performance appraisal system in performance management training
  • Develop an effective and consistent evaluation process
  • Design an effective and consistently used evaluation form
  • Improve the linking of strategic goals to employee performance evaluations & expectations
  • Increase the levels of employee accountability and responsibility
  • Change and improve employee performance with consistent performance feedback
  • Improve the ability to measure and report department and employee performance
  • Increase confidence & comfort levels of leaders setting goals and conducting performance evaluations
  • Increase employee performance and morale through better feedback and communication
  • More clearly differentiate between varying levels and efforts of performance
  • Provide more consistent and on-going employee performance feedback
  • Handle challenging situations that become emotional or unproductive in performance management training
  • Support your managers & supervisors with performance management training

Course Outline

I. Aligning Strategic Goals and Organization Performance

  1. Strategic plan and vision development
  2. Establishing a consistent priority structure
  3. Importance of goal setting
  4. The benefits of alignment and coordination
  5. Infrastructure requirements needed for success

II. Setting and Cascading Performance Goals Down to Employee-Level

  1. SMART goal setting
  2. Establish individual account-abilities and responsibilities
  3. Identify incremental performance measures
  4. Develop specific work plans to achieve goals
  5. Establish milestones and review criteria for goal achievement
  6. Clearly identify varying levels of performance and achievement
  7. Overcome the most common obstacles to setting and achieving goals
  8. Differentiate between goals and standards

III. Leadership Skills to Influence Success

  1. Be an effective role model
  2. Lead through improved communication
  3. Achieve clear vision with team building
  4. Enable your employees with empowerment
  5. Increase employee results-based accountability and responsibility

IV. Actively Manage On-Going Performance

  1. Establish the baseline of trust and confidence with our employees
  2. Build in collaborative communication and understanding
  3. Understand the importance of performance feedback
  4. Use feedback to change behavior and performance
  5. Enhance coaching skills to help employees achieve their goals
  6. Develop a more effective performance evaluation process and form
  7. Conduct effective evaluation interviews and performance discussions
  8. Make your evaluations constructive rather than destructive
  9. Handle emotional and challenging situations

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