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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Plan, manage and control projects more successfully with project management training
  • Increase project cooperation and communication between departments and functions
  • Coordinate the tasks more effectively between departments with project management training
  • Enhance the spirit of teamwork among project team members with a motivating team building training
  • Reduce new product development cycle with product development training
  • Deliver more projects consistently on time and within budget
  • Reduce the time required to plan and stay on top of successful projects
  • Provide management, clients or customers with the project information they require
  • Apply the Project Management Life Cycle and the Project Planning Process
  • Define up-front project scope and deliverables even when your client/customer isn’t sure what they really want
  • Use the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to more clearly identify work requirements
  • Develop more accurate and realistic time and performance estimates
  • Schedule projects more accurately using CPM and PERT networking techniques
  • Spot problems and correct behind schedule conditions more quickly
  • Control schedule timeliness and work flow by using proven management techniques
  • Manage multiple projects without losing effectiveness with PTS project management training
  • Enhance the people skills to effectively motivate and communicate with the project team
  • Implement proven conflict management techniques to help team members work together with team building training
  • Anticipate problems and develop contingency plans through Critical Risk Analysis
  • Close out projects completely using a close-out checklist that ensures details are taken care of
  • Perform project post-mortem reviews to identify project management strengths and weaknesses

Course Outline:

I.   Project Management Methodology Overview

  1. Project Management Training Process
  2. Matrix/Project Management Fundamentals
  3. Project Manager’s Roles & Functions

II.   Project Plan Development & Management Review

  1. Project Definition Guidelines
  2. Project Scoping Document & Checklist
  3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Models
  4. WBS Identification Criteria

lll.   Project Plan Implementation & Management Review

  1. Precedence Diagram Network Development
  2. Effort & Duration Estimating
  3. Critical Path Definition and Development
  4. Gantt Chart Development
  5. Conflict Management
  6. Interpersonal Communication and Problem-Solving

IV.   Project Control and Re-planning

  1. Proactive Risk Assessment
  2. Contingency Plan Development
  3. Management Control Point Establishment
  4. Change Request Process Development

V.    Project Closeout and Review

  1. Project Meeting Controls
  2. Assumptions Management
  3. Project Closeout
  4. Project Post-mortem review & Lessons Learned

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