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Increase Results Through Performance Management

  • Your evaluation process doesn’t have internal credibility
  • Individual, department and company goals are not in line
  • Some employees actually have competing goals
  • Most evaluations end up becoming arguments or disagreements
  • Employees don’t receive proactive or constructive feedback
  • Employees don’t accept accountability or responsibility to improve
  • Our evaluation form is too long and too complicated
  • Evaluation interviews take too much time
  • Employees really aren’t sure exactly what to do to earn a high evaluation rating
  • Managers and supervisors haven’t received effective performance management training

Deliver Evaluations That Really Improve Performance

  • Managers and employees don’t by in to your evaluation form or process
  • Inconsistency in evaluations generates gossip and perceived favoritism
  • Employees feel that evaluations aren’t fair or balanced
  • Managers procrastinate at doing evaluations because the whole process takes too long
  • Evaluation reviews turn into arguments and hurt feelings
  • Most managers don’t like to judge their employees
  • The evaluation form is too long, too complicated and too hard to fill out
  • Most companies don’t have performance standards or goals
  • There’s too much paperwork involved in evaluating employee performance
  • Employees feel the evaluation just points out what they’re doing wrong
  • Managers and supervisors haven’t received effective performance management training

Coaching & Counseling Employees for Top Performance

  • Supervisors procrastinate in coaching or counseling because they’re afraid of hurting employee’s feelings
  • Coaching or counseling documentation is inconsistent because of a lack of new supervisor training or management training
  • Supervisors and managers need to be more assertive in addressing performance issues
  • Employee development aspect of coaching needs to be improved
  • Supervisors need to fully understand the principles and benefits of progressive discipline through an effective management training course
  • Coaching or counseling sessions end up in hurt feelings, arguments or disagreements
  • Managers need to understand how to train their employees better
  • Managers need to counsel emotional employees more effectively
  • Supervisors need to remain in control of their emotions when counseling employees
  • Supervisors and managers haven’t received performance management training

Corrective Coaching & Discipline Skills

  • Supervisors & managers aren’t comfortable disciplining employees
  • Employee performance issues aren’t being dealt with proactively
  • Some supervisors have lost control to strong-willed employees
  • The company doesn’t have a consistent progressive discipline policy
  • Supervisors aren’t consistent in how they apply the discipline policy we do have
  • Coaching or corrective meetings end up in arguments
  • Employees don’t accept accountability or responsibility to improve
  • We don’t have a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) that works

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