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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Overcome negativity in the workplace & increase productivity and work quality by providing a more positive working environment
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness by improving communication between people and departments
  • Improve employee morale and reduce the most common cause of absenteeism
  • Overcome negativity in the workplace & reduce the underlying causes of employee griping, complaining and negativity
  • Improve personal relationships and decrease causes of employee turnover
  • Identify and eliminate the different types of organizational or environmental negativity
  • Enhance trust through consistent management actions as you overcome negativity in the workplace
  • Better understand the current level of negativity by completing a negativity survey
  • Deal more effectively with the 5 most common emotional responses to organizational distrust
  • Specifically turn negativity and complaining around through assertive communication skills
  • Handle disgruntled employees more successfully
  • Establish and communicate clear expectations and boundaries of acceptable behavior
  • Implement a 7 step recovery process to re-establish trust between employees and management
  • Increase the trust of management’s character, communication and capability by our employees
  • Support supervisors with motivating management skills training

Course Outline:

I.   Set Goals for Attitudinal Change & Improvement in the Workplace

  1. Learn the attributes of a trust-based organization
  2. Build your own definition of a trust in an organization
  3. Identify the consequences of trust betrayal
  4. Recognize the symptoms that show you need to overcome negativity in the workplace
  5. Develop examples of trust betrayal and mistrust in organizations

II.  Identify the Current Level of Negativity in the Workplace

  1. Determine the current level of negativity in your organization
  2. Review the different types of corporate negativity
  3. Learn the 5 most common emotional responses to distrust & negativity in the workplace
  4.  Identify the onsequences of management mistrust & negativity in the workplace

III. Overcome Negativity by Building Increased Trust

  1. Develop and implement a 4 step process to turn negativity around
  2. Establish more strategic communication to promote the vision of trust
  3. Implement a 7 step trust recovery framework
  4. Overcoming negativity in the workplace by becoming more consistent
  5. Defuse disgruntled & emotional employees more effectively
  6. Deal with difficult people and personalities more confidently

IV.  Develop Improved Workplace Relationships

  1. Learn the steps to developing trust of character
  2. Improve morale by increasing communication
  3. Address griping & complaining more effectively
  4. Establish gidelines and vision for more effective teamwork
  5. Increase employee accountability and responsibility
  6. Coach & counsel employees to develop better work realtionships
  7. Increase employee engagement to reduce negativity in the workplace
  8. Develop an action plan to implement your workplace changes

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