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Management Skills for Supervisors

  • Supervisors need to be more confident and assertive in addressing performance issues
  • Newly promoted supervisors have received job skill training but haven’t received management training
  • Newer supervisors need to earn the respect and trust of their employees
  • Supervisors need to be more effective in the coaching and counseling of employees
  • Supervisors are having difficulty managing employees who are former peers
  • Supervisors having difficulty managing employees who are older or have more seniority could benefit from new supervisor training
  • Supervisors need to better document verbal and written warnings
  • Supervisors have never conducted performance evaluations before
  • Supervisors need to think out-of-the-box in making management level decisions
  • Supervisors need to know the principles and practices of progressive discipline through a comprehensive management training

Effectively Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

  • Differences in generational work ethics are causing conflict and disagreement
  •  3 or 4 generations are working together and they don’t understand each other
  • Communication styles differ greatly between generational workers
  • What motivates one generation doesn’t work with others
  • All 4 generations respond differently to coaching & criticism
  • My training style has to vary depending on who I’m trying to train
  • Employees are more focused on identifying how they are different than alike
  • Mixed generations form a great team – when it works – when it doesn’t, it’s a train wreck.
  • Most management training doesn’t address multigenerational workforces

Conflict Management Techniques for Managers

  • Recently promoted supervisors procrastinate at addressing and dealing with problems because they haven’t received management training
  • People and departments don’t work well together
  • Inadequate coordination and communications takes place between functions
  • Backbiting and infighting affect performance and quality
  • Negative comments are made in front of employees, other managers, customers and clients
  • People don’t want to accept new ways and directions
  • Animosity between departments creates an unproductive work climate
  • Small problems or misunderstandings quickly escalate to major issues
  • Supervisors and managers need leadership training
  • Supervisors and managers need management training

Leadership Skills for Managers

  • Managers aren’t assertive in dealing with employee issues
  • New managers and supervisors promoted without management and leadership training
  • Managers do too much individually without delegating responsibility
  • Employees don’t respect their newer managers
  • Managers unable to effectively motivate and lead their employees
  • Managers need to think out-of-the-box in dealing with employee problems
  • Employees don’t take the extra step to get things done well instead of just done
  • Personality conflicts cause unnecessary stress in the workplace environment
  • Some management training doesn’t focus enough on leadership training

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Some employees don’t respond well to manager’s leadership styles
  • Managers aren’t able to effectively motivate employees
  • Conflict and disagreement is taking place too regularly with employees
  • Negativity and complaining is growing in the workplace
  • Productivity is being affected because of strained working relationships
  • Newer managers aren’t comfortable with coaching or counseling employees
  • Work teams need stronger leadership in order to be more effective
  • Manager’s just can’t figure out what makes some employees tick
  • Managers are becoming more do’ers than they are leaders
  • Manager’s have never received emotional intelligence training

Effective Delegation Skills:

  • Employees aren’t accepting accountability and responsibility
  • “If I want this done right, I’ll have to do it myself” is heard too often
  • When work is delegated the quality of what’s being done suffers
  • Workplace procrastination is on the increase
  • Supervisors and managers workload is too high compared to employees
  • Deadlines and due dates are being missed
  • Supervisors aren’t comfortable delegating responsibilities
  • The best employees are being over worked because they’re only ones doing it right
  • Communication between employees is decreasing
  • Complaining, griping and negativity is on the rise

Management Skills for Technical Professionals

  • Technical managers are more comfortable doing the job than dealing with employees
  • Technical strengths sometimes overshadow manager’s interpersonal skills
  • Employees have a difficult time relating to some technical professionals
  • Some technical managers talk “at” not “with” employees
  • Technical professionals sometimes lack patience if employees don’t get it quickly enough
  • Employees accuse technical professionals of having too high of performance expectations
  • Technical managers can get caught up in the minutiae and lose track of the big picture
  • Some technical professionals just don’t understand the need for ‘people skills’
  • Technical managers become more reactive than proactive because employees don’t come   to them with before-the-fact information

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