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Leadership Skills Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Meet deadlines and due dates more consistently with time management training
  • Increase personal and professional productivity and effectiveness with time management training
  • Help other people manage their time and focus on the correct priorities
  • Eliminate or manage the biggest time wasters with time management training
  • Improve workplace organization and coordination with time management training
  • Reduce pressure and stress coming from a toxic or hectic work environment
  • Reduce or eliminate the self-generated time wasters like procrastination, disorganization or the inability to say “no”
  • Reduce or eliminate the environmental time wasters like the telephone, mail & e-mail clutter, drop in visitors and negative attitudes
  • Create goals and action plans to accomplish more and reduce missed opportunities
  • Anticipate and accommodate uncontrollable events
  • Stay focused on the correct priorities in a high pressure environment
  • Juggle your boss’s priorities without ignoring your own
  • Firefight a crisis while keeping your other top priorities with time management training
  • Slash time spent in meetings without sacrificing the flow of information with time management training
  • Identify the main reasons why people interrupt you and reduce them
  • Support productivity and effectiveness with time management training

Course Outline:

I.  Understand Where and Why We Lose Time

  1. Identify baseline of time management skills and stress level
  2. Top 10 time wasters
  3. Time ladder identification of where time is currently spent
  4. Analysis of most common time theft and loss
  5. Investigate the correlation between personality types and work style

II.  Increase Your On-The-Job Effectiveness

  1. Improved job and time planning techniques
  2. Enhancing the time and value of email effectiveness
  3. Identifying and preventing interruptions on the job
  4. Handling paperwork and office organization to maximize results
  5. Systematize and streamline for improved results

III.  Improve Managing Other’s Time

  1. Identify obstacles to delegating responsibilities and duties
  2. Techniques for becoming more effective in delegation
  3. Conquer the causes of procrastination
  4. Saying “no” more assertively and effectively
  5. Run more productive and successful meetings
  6. Remove the 4 major blocks to employee productivity

IV.  Effectively Managing Priorities

  1. Develop an accurate numerical value priority system
  2. Helping employees manage their priorities
  3. Perform goal setting and action planning with employees
  4. Give effective feedback to change behavior and improve performance
  5. Handle touchy situations that affect employee productivity
  6. 10 keys to juggle the correct priorities

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