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Business Writing Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Better identify your audience and tailor your message to them with effective business writing training
  • Eliminate redundancy and excess phrases for clear, concise writing
  • Organize your facts and ideas more effectively
  • Choose the words and phrases that get the results you want with effective business writing training
  • Overcome the fear of the blank page and learn how to start more effectively
  • Clarify your communication so your readers understand your message
  • Correctly use jargon and abbreviation with effective business writing training
  • Say more with less to get your message across – become more succinct
  • Set up a letter and edit it to perfection
  • Hold interest by using appropriate punctuation, sentence length & structure
  • Create memos that clearly indicate your purpose with effective business writing training
  • Write clear and concise reports and proposals
  • Write more effective e-mails with effective business writing training
  • Write better letters that are understood by your reader

Course Outline:

I.  Business Writing Overview

  1. Review the basics of business writing
  2. Understand today’s readers
  3. Identify what motivates people to read
  4. Learn how to better clarify your thoughts and ideas
  5. Discover how to overcome ‘writer’s block’
  6. Vary your sentence length and structure
  7. Highlight key ideas more effectively

II.   Write Letters & Memos that Get Results

  1. Organize letters and memos more logically and effectively
  2. Convey a more effective tone
  3. Design your page effectively
  4. Put more impact into your sentence structure
  5. Reduce unnecessary details
  6. Summarize your ideas more succinctly
  7. Apply time management techniques to your writing
  8. Proofread more successfully

III. Write More Powerful Emails

  1. Organize your purpose and your thoughts more clearly
  2. Command attention with clearer subject lines
  3. Tighten your message to a single screen
  4. Manage e-mail etiquette with common-sense courtesy
  5. Structure emails to persuade, inform, and solve problems
  6. Learn how to put key ideas up front

IV. Write Reports and Proposals that get Action

  1. Organize ideas into an effective report format
  2. Design stronger paragraphs to get your points across
  3. Tighten reports and proposals so you don’t ‘lose’ your reader
  4. Use graphic elements more effectively
  5. Choose an effective format for proposals
  6. Learn techniques to sell and persuade your readers
  7. Better present the sequence of your ideas
  8. Write more effective ‘call to action’ summaries in reports and proposals
  9. Edit, proofread and rewrite more quickly

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