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Stress Management Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Manage pressure and stress more effectively
  • Re-build and re-new creativity, confidence and enthusiasm in the workplace with stress management training
  • Develop more positive energy and direct it towards workplace success
  • Help departments and employees work more effectively under stress
  • Recognize the negative effects of stress before they become conflict points
  • Increase the positive response choices to stressful situations with stress management training
  • Improve work habits in dealing with difficult people, personalities and situations
  • Assess current approaches to stress and pressure with stress management training
  • Identify the optimal stress level and its positive effect on our performance
  • Understand the 5 phases of stress and how to keep them under control
  • Resolve the difference between perceived and real causes of stress
  • Reduce stress by becoming more proactive
  • Develop improved “under stress” communication skills
  • Implement coping guidelines and strategies for professional stressors
  • Separate personal life stress from affecting job life stress
  • Handle pressure and crisis without blowing your cool with stress management training

Course Outline

I.  Understand How Stress is Affecting Us

  1. Identify personal and professional baseline of stress level
  2. Pinpoint top stress levels
  3. Identify where stress is currently coming from
  4. Investigate the correlation between personality types and stress

II.  Increase On-The-Job Effectiveness

  1. Improved job and time planning techniques to reduce stress
  2. Enhancing stress and pressure coping techniques
  3. Identifying and preventing burnout characteristics
  4. Maintaining optimal levels of stress
  5. Systematize and streamline for improved results and less pressure

III.  Manage Stress Correctly

  1. Identify obstacles to balancing home-life and work
  2. Techniques for becoming more effective in working through stressful situations
  3. Improved communication methods to reduce stress
  4. Remove the 4 major blocks to productivity and workplace stress

IV.  Develop a Stress Control Plan

  1. Deal with acute versus chronic stress
  2. Clearly separate the apparent cause versus real cause of stress
  3. Create a powerful productive mindset
  4. Develop an efficient low stress manner at work
  5. Handle difficult workplace situations that affect employee productivity and stress
  6. Develop and maintain a personal effectiveness plan

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