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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Boost the performance and productivity of  virtual and off site employees & teams
  • Increase the accountability and responsibility of employees you can’t see regularly
  • Improve communication with virtual & off site employees and locations
  • Strengthen the teamwork of different locations without being there
  • Be a more effective manager with managing off site employee training
  • Hire and develop employees who don’t need constant or on-site supervision
  • Navigate the legal issues involved with disciplining or terminating off site employees
  • Receive critical information from off site employees–concisely and regularly
  • Build rapport and develop respect with off-site employees more quickly
  • Eliminate common mistakes far-off managers make that destroy trust and undermine authority
  • Learn motivation techniques that work from a distance with managing off site employees training
  • Support supervisors and managers with with managing off site employees training

Course Outline

I.     Co-location versus remote location management 
  1. Exploring the difference between traditional and remote supervision
  2. Understanding the keys to remote management
  3. Establishing and building trust with off-site employees
  4. Understand the importance of different management styles with remote employees
II.   People skills and personality management
  1. Identifying the best off-site management personality traits
  2. Insight into the most effective off-site employee personalities
  3. Effectively managing different or difficult personalities from afar
III.  Leadership and management skills for off-site supervisors
  1. Leadership Styles- common traits of successful off-site leaders
  2. Effective delegation skills
  3. Know how to motivate off-site staff
  4. Develop an effective long distance communication network
  5. Establish the appropriate amount of reporting and follow
  6. Use incentives and reinforcements successfully
IV.   Coaching, counseling & discipline skills for off-site managers
  1. How to coach employees for maximum performance
  2. Perform constructive performance appraisals
  3. Counsel on the phone or through Email effectively
  4. Disciplining off-site employees legally and safely
  5. Legally safe documentation of both performance and attitude problems
  6. Productive techniques for dismissing employees

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