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Training Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Hire more qualified employees that establish a longer tenure with behavioral interviewing
  • Conduct a job factor analysis to behavior targets
  • Reduce the time required to make the hiring decision with behavioral interviewing
  • Ensure your interview and hiring process is legally safe
  • Improve the consistency of the behavioral  interviewing & hiring process
  • Develop more effective and successful behavioral interview scenarios & situations that identify the abilities you are looking for
  • Understand and comply with federal and  state laws
  • Obtain more reliable reference information
  • Create more insightful questions and behavioral scenarios that get in-depth answers
  • Identify the candidates who have the right personalities to get along
  • Develop “instant rapport” to make the interview more comfortable and informative
  • Improve listening and interview documentation skills in our behavioral interviewing training
  • Handle the rejection process safely and comfortably…the legal “Do’s and Don’ts”
  • Know what to do when the applicant volunteers too much information
  • Structure and outline an effective behaviroal interviewing plan
  • Discover motivation techniques that increase job satisfaction and reduce new employee turnover

Course Outline:

I. Behavioral and Competency Based Interviewing

  1. Introduction to behavioral/competency based interviewing – what is it
  2. Review existing competencies
  3. Develop additional job related behaviors or competencies
  4. Identify the benefits of behavioral/competency based interviewing
  5. Ensure competencies and behaviors are ADA acceptable
  6. Avoid the most common discriminatory hiring practices

II. Develop Sharp Behavioral/Competency Based Interviewing Skills

  1. Prepare for an effective behavioral/competency based interview
  2. Conduct an objective Job Factor Analysis
  3. Review appropriate behaviors, targets & competencies for the job
  4. Identify additional technical or soft skill requirements of the job
  5. Determine the appropriate structure and guidelines for the interview

III.  Prepare to Conduct a Behavioral Interview

  1. Prepare an effective opening and explanation of interview process for applicants
  2. Implement the behavioral/competency based applications and scenarios
  3. Identify and gather appropriate information – legally safe interview documentation
  4. Effectively tell/sell & close the interview with applicants
  5. Fairly evaluate and assess interview and applicants
  6. Make the hiring recommendation legally and safely
  7. Safely and effectively report interview outcome(s) with hiring manager(s)

IV. Simulations & Skills Applications

  1. Prepare a simutlated bahvioral/competency based interview – develop strucure and flow
  2. Develop targeted behaviors and competencies
  3. Conduct behavioral/competency interview
  4. Assess and document applicant performance in process
  5. Evaluate interview /appliant outcomes and conclusions

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