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Bill Walsh has been passionate about developing people and organizations for 30 years.  Bill  has worked in pure consulting for 7 years, specializing in Organizational Development & Change Management.  He also spent 15 years as a Senior Training Consultant for the American Management Association International where he developed and delivered  2500 management / supervisory development, change management, project management and train the trainer engagements in all 50 states, Canada, UK & Ireland.

Bill has been the Managing Director of Proven Training Solutions since 2001, focusing on management & leadership development; sensitivity & harassment prevention, change management, project management, HR and customer service training.

Bill has a natural credibility and likeability that  causes people to listen to and believe what he says. He uses real life and business examples and analogies in his delivery.  Words draw pictures in people’s minds!” His credibility and likeability allow him to establish a very quick and deep rapport and comfort level with his training groups – people who don’t normally say anything or participate in training – do in his.

Training seminars should be a ‘family show’ and Bill has personally attended training programs where the trainer used profanity as a shock value to get or keep their audience’s attention. Bill states, “In my opinion, that’s both cheap and unnecessary. If you can’t keep people’s attention with well-developed presentation skills, maybe you’re not in the right profession.” He gives you his assurance that he and all trainers that work with him will have respect for their audience’s intelligence and not resort to ‘shock jock’ presentation tactics. All Proven Training Solutions trainers will personally introduce themselves and shake the hand of every trainee before the meeting begins. “We take pride in establishing a comfortable rapport with the people that we are training.”

Learn more by going to our private blog and reading how we help management productive relationship with their employees.

The net-net here will have better output to your customers resulted in more profit.


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