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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Ensure your interview and hiring process is legally safe
  • Improve the consistency of the interviewing & hiring process among managers
  • Reduce the time required to make the hiring decision by applying good human resources training
  • Hire more qualified employees that establish a longer tenure with interviewing training
  • Understand and comply with federal and  state laws
  • Obtain more reliable reference information with interviewing training
  • Feel more confident knowing you are EEO and ADA safe
  • Create insightful power questions that get in-depth answers with interviewing training
  • Identify the candidates who have the right personalities to get along
  • Develop “instant rapport” to make the interview more comfortable and informative
  • Improve listening and interview documentation skills with interviewing training
  • Handle the rejection process safely and comfortably…the legal “Do’s and Don’ts”
  • Tackle tough interview situations with problem applicants
  • Know what to do when the applicant volunteers too much information
  • Conduct a job factor analysis to identify position requirements
  • Structure and outline an effective interview session plan
  • Discover motivation techniques that increase job satisfaction and reduce new employee turnover
  • Support the interviewing and hiring process with a human resources training presented from a management perspective

Course Outline:

I.  Legally Safe Interviewing and Hiring

  1. Common misunderstandings about discrimination
  2. Avoid the most common discriminatory hiring practices
  3. Understand the Americans with Disability Act ADA
  4. Review safe and risky hiring and interviewing practices
  5. Legally safe interview questions
  6. The legal status of “volunteered” information

II.  Developing Sharp Interviewing Skills

  1. Practice and benefits of targeted interviewing and selection
  2. Identifying technical skills and knowledge requirements of the job
  3. Identifying the internal motivators and attitude requirements of the job
  4. Identify the personality or people skill requirements of the job
  5. Identify the interpersonal requirements necessary to get along with current employees or company culture
  6. Recruit qualified candidates
  7. Develop an effective and quick pre-interview screening process
  8. Design consistent pre-interview guidelines

III. Conduct More Effective Interviews

  1. Establish a structured selection plan
  2. Develop more successful interview questions
  3. Design more effective situational or behavioral interviewing techniques
  4. Develop more realistic and applicable behavioral interviewing scenarios
  5. The legal “do’s & don’ts” pre-employment testing
  6. Establish a better and quicker rapport with the candidate
  7. Improve listening skills and abilities
  8. Take and keep legally safe interviewing notes
  9. Handle problem interviewing situations

IV. Streamline the Process and Make Better Hiring Decisions

  1. Conduct better reference checks
  2. Develop a checklist to consistently select more competent employees
  3. Legally safe hiring criteria and substantiation
  4. Making a legally safe job offer
  5. Reject applicants legally and safely

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