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In 2013, Patty Mattaccherio was awarded $20.2 million dollars in a successful sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer Largo Travel. She filed her initial complaint in 2008 but it took almost 5 years to obtain a ruling. During the lawsuit period the Largo Travel Company disbanded. Now, Mattacherio is waiting for her settlement to be paid in full.

As a victim of sexual harassment Patty Mattaccherio has been permanently effected by the experience. She continues to experience trauma because of the sexual harassment that she experienced as well as the stress of dealing with an lawsuit that extended over nearly half a decade.

Sexual Harassment Needs To Be Taken Seriously

Every year thousands of sexual harassment lawsuits are issued against businesses by former employees and staff members. Due to the nature of these cases companies almost always settle out of court and do their best to repair the damages quietly. There is no denying that sexual harassment incidents can make day to day work place operations complicated and awkward. Even once the situation has passed and employees have been reprimanded for their actions returning to “business as usual” becomes a task much easier said than done. 

In order to avoid these scenarios most businesses have a zero tolerance towards sexual harassment. Unfortunately, One greatest issue that business operators encounter when dealing with sexual harassment and employee relationships are the things that occur behind the scenes that they cannot see or take action to prevent

Preventative Training Is The Best Way For Businesses To Take Action Against Sexual Harassment in The Workplace

This is why it is so important for employers to provide very strict guidelines about appropriate employee interactions. They have to be proactive about preventing sexual Harassment in the workplace by nurturing respect between employees and being observant of the way that co-workers interact with one another. The standards and expectations about workplace behaviors and relationships have to be established and upheld. When it comes to sexual harassment there is no such thing as providing too much training and information. Employees must be aware of professional boundaries at all times. Employers should also strive to create a welcoming environment where  employees feel safe to speak up about harassment and report any inappropriate behavior.

With the assistance of Proven Training Solutions Sexual Harassment Training Curriculum employers can equip staff with the knowledge and awareness to navigate and avoid these unfortunate situations by encouraging mutual respect and professional socializing within the work arena.

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Sensitivity Training: Enhancing Diversity, Respect & Sensitivity in the Workplace

Gender as a factor when hiring? A Yale University Study Proves the Importance of Sensitivity Training for Management

In 2013 Yale University conducted a study in human resources with a focus on gender perception when applicants are being interviewed for job positions. Actors, conducted job interviews with identical resumes and the same scripted answers to common interview questions. The only difference between the two interviews that were presented was the gender of the applicants. The study revealed that interviewees unaware of the experiment had preferential bias towards hiring the male applicant. When informed of the experiments details participants were surprised by their own choice. When asked what they believed the experiment’s results said about them as hiring professionals one contributor responded “Says we have a long way to go!”

Sensitivity Training: Overcoming Biases and Conducting Fair Interviews For Hiring Professionals

This video serves as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging the realities of discrimination. Although, management staff in charge of hiring do not intentionally employ their biasses when conducting interviews there is no denying the realities depicted here.

One way to avoid discrimination issues is with sensitivity training for staff members who are in charge of hiring. By providing education and awareness tools that focus on enhancing diversity, respect, and sensitivity in the workplace you can improve interview quality and assure that the best candidate is selected for a vacant job position regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race.

The Proven Training Solutions:Enhancing Diversity, Respect & Sensitivity in the Workplace program begins with a sensitivity & discrimination IQ quiz that helps to identify employee perspectives in regards to gender, race and sexual orientation. Then, reviews the responsibilities of employers and employees in preventing discrimination and/or harassment within a professional setting. By thoroughly reviewing the legal liabilities of discrimination and harassment and discussing the value of ethical and fair interviewing, we help to educate staff and help to eliminate biased hiring practices.

Establish Respect as the Platform for Developing an Inclusive Workplace

The main objective of Proven Training Solutions: Sensitivity Training for Enhancing Diversity, Respect and Sensitivity in the workplace is to help create work environments where employees feel valued and respected by their peers. By encouraging employees to adopt attitudes that are reflective of tolerance and understanding we can create better staff teams that in turn, lead to a measurable improvement in productivity.

It is essential that all hiring staff understand the importance of conducting fair interviews. If this Yale University study proves anything it is that their is always room for gender bias sensitivity training for staff members at any level.

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