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Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Understand how internal service levels impact external CS
  • Better meet external consumer needs by improving coordination & communication internally
  • Collaborate more effectively between departments internally
  • Break down barriers & silos that exist between departments
  • Work better with different people and personalities
  • Identify how we all work & play for the same ‘home team’
  • Locate & remove the most common internal service impediments
  • Identify the benefits our consumers will receive by improved internal customer service
  • Recognize who your internal customers are and how they help the business
  • Deliver service that earns the praise of consumers
  • Reduce the stress level by working smarter, not harder
  • Decrease the number of complaints from external customers due to poor quality work
  • Develop the ability to transform conflict into cooperation
  • Anticipate and exceed customer service expectations more regularly
  • Develop improved listening  and communication techniques

Course Outline:

I. Manage Internal Customer Expectations

  1. Learn the 4 steps to delivering seamless internal service
  2. Understand the elements of exceptional internal service
  3. Identify the most important internal service links in your company
  4. Where does external service suffer when internal service falls down
  5. Anticipate and be proactive when the need exists
  6. Develop internal service expectations
  7. Effectively manage internal customer expectations
  8. Reinforce how internal service levels impact external CS

II. Deliver Seamless Customer Service

  1. Identify the barriers or silos that currently exist between departments
  2. Identify what can be done to tear the silos down
  3. Develop collaborative performance expectations for different departments
  4. Improve working more effectively with different people
  5. Get along better with different types of personalities
  6. Recognize and improve your communication types
  7. Learn the 5 keys to keeping external customers for life
  8. Discover how internal service can impact those 5 keys
  9. Review best practices of CS reliability, assurance, empathy & responsiveness
  10. Project a superior service image and personality
  11. Manage telephone service successfully
  12. Develop excellent listening techniques

III. Handle Service Problems in Ways to Satisfy Customers

  1. Recognize the critical importance of service recovery and customer satisfaction
  2. Be a fantastic problem fixer for both internal and external service issues
  3. Reduce the emotion of internal problems
  4. Soothe upset and angry customers & co-workers
  5. Managing when you have to say “no” or deliver bad news to inside or outside customers
  6. Regain trust when mistakes are made
  7. Keep service issues from becoming personal
  8. Help customers even when they’re wrong
  9. Develop a “Customer Service Team Code of Conduct” rules of engagement
  10. Deal effectively with difficult customers both internal and external

IV. Stay Calm When the Pressure is On

  1. Handle the stress and pressure of the job
  2. Apply common sense stress management techniques
  3. Separate the personal from the problem
  4. Don’t give up your emotional control to someone else

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