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Successful Behavioral Interviewing

  • Too many new hires aren’t working out and we have to repeat the interviewing process
  • Polished & professional sounding applicants sometimes fool even the best interviewers
  • Applicants give too many generalized or hypothetical answers to interview questions
  • Too many applicants come to interviews with ‘canned’ or prepared answers that impress
  • Inconsistent interviewing leads to bringing on board new hires that become questionable
  • Skilled applicants are sometimes more prepared than the people asking the questions
  • Because of “Wow” factor, some candidates end up being treated differently than others
  • Inconsistent interviewing process leads to hiring mistakes
  • Some interviewers ask questions that can ‘step over the line’ in discrimination

Interviewing & Hiring Top Performers

  • Inconsistencies in departmental hiring practices increase possible legal exposure
  • Managers aren’t sure what questions they can legally ask in interviews
  • Poor hiring decision and employee selection has resulted in quick turnover of new employees
  • Supervisors and managers aren’t comfortable in behavioral interviewing and hiring
  • Interview process needs to be improved to help make a better hiring decision and employee selection
  • Behavioral interviewing isn’t being consistently used to identify the best candidates
  • New hire decisions have resulted in personality conflicts with current employees
  • Managers don’t realize how federal and state laws impact the hiring process
  • High quality reference information is not being obtained
  • Managers and supervisors resist human resources training

Develop & Deliver High Impact Training

  • Your training delivery has caused your audience to have TEGO (The Eyes Glaze Over!)
  • Your PPT presentations have also put people to sleep
  • Nerves affect the quality of your training presentation
  • Training sessions are missing their mark
  • Some training programs have too much information & you don’t know what to delete
  •  Training sessions don’t  address what really needs to be changed or corrected
  • Training evaluation ratings are declining in score and perceived value of training
  • Managers and supervisors don’t send employees to training
  • Department managers no longer see the importance of training
  • Supervisors don’t support/reinforce the changes when employees return from training
  • Training presentation quality needs to be improved
  • People are becoming more creative in finding excuses to miss training sessions

Manager’s Guide to Employment Law

  • Managers need to apply the safest principles of progressive discipline and termination
  • Managers are not correctly documenting verbal and written warnings
  • Managers are inconsistent in the hiring process increasing potential legal exposure
  • Managers don’t understand the affect of the ADA and “reasonable accommodation”
  • Managers need to know what you can and cannot ask in hiring interviews
  • Managers aren’t sure how the FMLA applies to them and their employees or their roles
  • Managers need to understand how to prevent harassment in the workplace
  • Managers can’t be afraid of discrimination to where it keeps them from doing their jobs
  • Managers need to understand their role in Worker’s Compensation situations
  • Managers need to know the legal ramifications of the performance evaluation process
  • Supervision haven’t received management related employment law training
  • Human resources training may not include management-based employment law training

Run More Effective Meetings

  • Too much time wasted in meetings
  • Meetings don’t accomplish what they were supposed to
  • Teleconference and virtual meetings are completely ineffective
  • People begin looking for reasons & excuses not to come to meetings
  • Decision makers don’t come to the meetings they are supposed to
  • People don’t keep their commitments that were made in the meetings
  • Certain people & personalities dominate conversation in meetings
  • Attendees are physically at the meeting, but they’re not really there!
  • Attendees are constantly checking their PDA’s & “Crackberries” during the meeting

Improved Communication & Teamwork

  • Silos between departments affect communication & coordination
  • Politics and in-fighting impact productivity and quality
  • Important decisions are delayed due to unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Priorities change regularly due to top management disagreement
  • Lower levels of management and employees don’t trust senior management
  • Employees have developed a cautious cynicism on management decisions
  • In some departments the work environment has become almost toxic
  • Procrastination has set in because employees know priorities will change daily
  • Communication appears to be top-down only
  • Senior management appears to be insulated from what is really happening

Assertiveness Skills Training

  • You need to be able to say “No” more comfortably
  • There are people take advantage of your willingness to help
  • Co-workers sometimes take credit for your work
  • You difficulty getting your point across and you have to explain yourself
  • Co-workers interrupt you mid-sentence or talk right over you
  • You’re not comfortable standing up and talking in front of people
  • Sometimes you think you are too ‘nice’
  • You know you need to stand up for yourself more often
  • You know that sometimes you too comfortable being under the radar
  • Your peers or upper management comment that you are “too quiet”:

Presentation Skills with Power & Impact

  • Your audience has suffered from TEGO (The Eyes Glaze Over)
  • You appear and sound too nervous speaking in front of a group of people
  • Too much jargon, abbreviations and acronyms creep into your presentation
  • You don’t know how to best practice giving a presentation
  • You’re not sure how much information is too much to include in presentation
  • Your PPT presentation puts people to sleep
  • You’ve found yourself reading your presentation verbatim to your audience
  • People are coming up with more creative excuses to miss your presentations

Effective Business Writing

  • The quality of staff writing just isn’t as professional as it should be
  • Employees are good at the job, but not comfortable with business writing
  • Full page emails or run-on sentences in letters confuse the readers
  • Upper management has complained about the quality of emails and reports
  • Customers have said something about the quality of emails they receive
  • Emails, letters and reports don’t clearly communicate what they’re intended to
  • Simple punctuation and grammar mistakes affect the writer’s credibility
  • Written communication is not a strength in our company
  • Sales proposals aren’t making an impact with customers

Taking Charge of Your Career

  •  Employees don’t take the initiative to plan their careers
  •  Employees don’t take responsibility for their career development
  •  Management is expected to perform all career development planning for employees
  •  Employees complain about career advancement but do nothing about it
  •  We’re not making the best use of our employee’s skills and abilities
  •  We lose good employees due to better opportunity elsewhere
  •  Motivation is low because people aren’t happy in their jobs
  •  Career path planning doesn’t take place

How to Manage & Control Stress

  • Deadlines and due dates are being missed on a regular basis
  • People confuse effort and results in getting things done
  • Unnecessary stress and pressure are affecting employee performance
  • Unnecessary stress and pressure are affecting interpersonal relationships
  • The wrong priorities and work assignments are viewed as important
  • Employees are wasting too much time
  • Too much time is lost in unproductive and uninformative meetings
  • Procrastination is causing important jobs to become unnecessary crises
  • People are trying the best they can, but efforts could be enhanced through time management training

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