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Career Planning Training Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Take personal accountability and ownership over your career planning & goals
  • Develop realistic long term career goals
  • Write a powerful results oriented resume in career planning training
  • Identify your technical skill strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify your interpersonal skill strengths and weaknesses
  • Succeed in employment interviews with career planning
  • Write concise and attention getting cover letters
  • Set achievable personal improvement goals
  • Develop shorter term achievable career path development milestones
  • Find the career or job that really meets your needs

Course Outline:

I. Developing a clear career path road map

  1. Personal assessment of career aspirations
  2. Personal assessment of current career status
  3. Reassessment of short and long term career plans

II. Understand personal strengths and opportunities for improvement

  1. Assess technical and job knowledge abilities and capabilities
  2. Assess interpersonal abilities and capabilities
  3. Identify most important needs to improve in the technical and interpersonal areas
  4. Identify internal or external training opportunities to facilitate growth and change

 III. Knowing where to place emphasis

  1. Re-examination of technical and interpersonal strengths
  2. Identify individual methods of maximizing strengths and abilities
  3. Identify methods and ways for people to assist in maximizing strengths and abilities

IV. Taking ownership of growth and development

  1. Establish realistic long term career goals
  2. Break each goal down into shorter term achievable milestones
  3. Develop a specific one year action plan necessary to reach the first milestone
  4. Ensure career goals meet individual personality and motivational needs and requirements

V.   Put your new career path tool kit together

  1. Develop a results oriented resume
  2. Write powerful and attention getting cover letters
  3. Increase your comfort level in employment interviews
  4. Personal motivation tools to stay upbeat during your job search

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