In response to Covid-19, support your leadership team with our webinar on Effectively Managing Virtual, Telecommuting & Offsite Employees and Teams. Proven Training Solutions is also a leader in on-site & virtual sensitivity training, sensitivity training for managers, internal customer service training & change management training.

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Our Approach to Sensitivity Training: In response to the Covid-19 virus, group and/or individual training can also be delivered virtually.

Our common-sensed approach to sensitivity & harassment prevention training is different from other training providers. Instead of delivering what is really just a – reactive legally-focused/legally-centric discrimination consequences course – and labeling it “sensitivity training”, we proactively identify & address the causes of insensitive, disrespectful or harassing behavior. Yes, we tackle the legal issues, but they do little to actually change a person’s behavior or thinking.

We believe the vast majority of people don’t come to work looking to intentionally be insensitive, disrespectful or harassing. In some cases, the workplace might have become too casual or comfortable and the line between personal & professional has become blurred. In other cases, something happens: someone becomes emotional; they open their mouth; their brain stops – or maybe it doesn’t engage at all; and quite frankly, they say or do something stupid! We work with the learners to identify their communication and behavior styles and to better understand how their words or actions may be perceived (or misperceived) by others…in many cases, it’s not just what was said or done…it was how or it was where it was said. In our training, learners build action plans to improve their part in developing a more respectful and harassment-free workplace. When we are training managers, we emphasize & reinforce the importance of them being role models and stewards of your organization’s reputation.

We recognize the unique dynamics of onsite training and excel in creating a comfortable and collaborative rapport. All of our onsite training courses, including internal customer service training & sensitivity training for managers, are customized to provide practical & real-world solutions. They are delivered with world class quality presentation skills that engage & involve our learners. All of our training is supported by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the training, you don’t pay.

Our decades of onsite training & virtual training experience has given us the proven ability to identify and address all the different issues that surround your training. We recognize that when you decide to bring in an outside training company you’re taking a risk. We’re responsive; we’re easy to work with; we’re low maintenance; and we meet every expectation every time. Our onsite training resolves the issues and we make you look good in the process. Currently our most popular training programs are internal customer service training and our sensitivity training for managers.

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Sensitivity Training For Managers and Employees By Proven Training Solutions

Proven Training Solutions is now providing engaging sexual harassment sensitivity training for employees and managers throughout the U.S []

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Proven Training Solutions clearly has the best speaker I’ve encountered in 20 years of attending various seminars and conventions. His energy, demea…
S. Harris
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I like Proven Training Solutions because they’re professional, easy to work with and they’re low maintenance. I’ve brought them back 7 times for…
R. Sylvia
Division Director of Human Resources, Thermo-Electron, Inc.Franklin, MA
The skills we picked up from Proven Training Solution’s project management and product development training has reduced our new product development …
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