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Employment Law Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Ensure the consistency of management actions and performance with employment law training
  • Protect company and employee interests fairly and legally with employment law training
  • Hire, fire and discipline employees in a legally safe manner with employment law training
  • Handle sticky situations that fall into EEO gray areas more confidently with employment law training
  • Reduce potential company exposure to discrimination or harassment complaints
  • Maximize management’s rights within FMLA, ADA and EEO interpretations
  • Understand management’s responsibilities within DOL, DOJ and NLRB interpretations
  • Develop and enforce a safe progressive discipline process in employment law training
  • Maintain legally correct department and employee files
  • Ask legally safe and effective interview questions with employment law training
  • Develop legally safe job descriptions
  • Address personal problems, substance abuse and other sensitive issues brought to the workplace safely
  • Document verbal and written warnings that will stand up under scrutiny
  • Identify and eliminate the most common causes of discrimination and harassment complaints
  • Obtain more reliable hiring reference information
  • Create legally safe and insightful interview power questions
  • Protect ourselves and our managers with a management perspective emphasized employment law training

Course Outline:

I.   Managers and Employment Law

  1. Understanding the legal minefield
  2. Identifying who is a protected group
  3. Know the differences between local, state and federal laws
  4. Understand the manager’s role in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  5. Understand the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  6. Review examples of discrimination
  7. Understand organizational and individual liabilities

II.  Smart and Safe Hiring Practices

  1. Identify risky hiring practices
  2. Establish a legally safe hiring process
  3. Understand the impact of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  4. Define what is and what is not a reasonable ADA accommodation
  5. Develop an ADA interview checklist
  6. Identify legal interview questions that are safe to ask
  7. Conduct an effective and safe reference checkf

III.  Actively Manage within the Law

  1. Maintaining the “employment at will” relationship
  2. Identify what is safe to keep in manager’s files or records
  3. Develop and implement a safe and consistent progressive discipline policy
  4. Understand the legal ramifications of the performance evaluation process
  5. Safely coach and counsel employees to improve performance
  6. Document verbal and written warnings correctly
  7. Learn how to work closely with Human Resources in cases of termination
  8. Know and understand sexual harassment: causes and preventions
  9. Understand the manager’s role in Worker’s Compensation situations

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