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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Work with different types of people and personalities more successfully
  • Strengthen manager’s confidence in guiding and leading their employees
  • Establish the right climate and environment to support effective work teams
  • Define and communicate vision and expectations more effectively
  • Identify what really motivates people to excel at work in management skills for technical professionals
  • Delegate more effectively without fear of losing control of the work
  • Improve the lines of communication and the flow of information to your employees
  • Develop improved and consistent management level decision-making
  • Boost the performance and productivity of departments and employees
  • Coach and counsel employees to really improve performance
  • Get employees and teams to accept more work accountability and responsibility
  • Align individual, team and department goals with our management skills for technical professionals
  • Increase confidence and trust from our employees with management skills for technical professionals
  • Handle difficult or sensitive situations more confidently with management skills for technical professionals

Course Outline:

I. Developing the Foundation for Leadership in a Technical Environment

  1. Establishing confidence and trust with technical employees
  2. Understanding the influence of technical leadership styles on employee behavior
  3. Leadership Styles- common traits of successful technical leaders
  4. Dealing more effectively with different types of personalities
  5. Using common sense motivating factors
  6. Understanding the difference between technical and non-technical employee expectations
  7. Learn the keys to leadership

II.    Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills

  1.   Create and communicate a clear team vision
  2.   Develop improved communication skills
  3.   Increase your active listening skills
  4.   Run better and more valuable team meetings
  5.   Set clear employee and team goals and objectives
  6.   Align employee and team goals with department and organizational goals
  7.   Mitigate risk by conducting effective risk assessments and developing contingency plans

Ill.  Managing Technical Professionals for Maximum Performance

  1.   Develop an effective technical leadership communication network
  2.   Use performance appraisals to drive improvement
  3.   Develop effective delegation communication
  4.   Overcome the pitfalls to delegation in a technical environment
  5.   Developing a 5-step team and employee coaching plan
  6.   Coach and counsel employees more effectively
  7.   Give constructive criticism and feedback to positively change performance

 IV. Difficult Leadership Situations in Technical Workplaces

  1. Communicate more effectively with non-technical types of people
  2.  Handle difficult or explosive personalities and behaviors
  3.  Handle technical employees who can’t get along with non-technical people
  4.  Coach or counsel employees who are personal friends or former peers
  5.  Work with technical employees who are know-it-all experts
  6.  Deal with chronic complainers and gripers

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