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Training Benefits & Deliverables:

  • Defuse demanding & difficult customers more successfully
  • Handle angry and emotional customers more effectively
  • Increase customer loyalty by resolving complaints faster
  • Decrease the number of lost customers due to the perception of poor service
  • Transform difficult customer conflict into customer cooperation
  • Reduce the stress level of customer service employees
  • Better anticipate upset customer emotional needs and expectations
  • Understand our communication style from the eyes of the difficult customers to reduce misperceptions
  • Respond to unreasonable demands and emotions with phrases that calm people down
  • Use stress and pressure coping strategies that keep us from blowing our cool
  • React diplomatically even to the most demanding and difficult customer
  • Tactfully handle the most difficult customers
  • Deliver bad news without overly upsetting or alienating the customer
  • Make difficult customers feel they’re receiving top level service even when you can’t deliver what they want
  • Help difficult customers realize when they’re wrong and come up with a face-saving solution
  • Turn around difficult customers behavior
  • Build greater CSR confidence with motivating customer service training

Course Outline:

I. Meeting Customer Expectations

  1. 4 Steps to delivering world-class customer service
  2. Customer’s service perceptions affect their emotions
  3. Personalities also affect customer reactions

II.  Assertive Customer Service & Communication Techniques

  1. DiSC customer personality strengths & weaknesses
  2. DiSC service personality strengths & weaknesses
  3. 3 styles of interpersonal communication: Aggressive, Passive, and Assertive
  4. 6 assertive communication methods to end arguments

III. Handling the Angry and Difficult Customers

  1. Defusing Emotional Manipulators
  2. Handling loud & abrasive customers
  3. Dealing with explosive & intimidating customers
  4. Placating Prima Donna customers
  5. Work with the chronic complainer customers

IV. Defusing Emotional Situations

  1. 2-step process to defuse emotions
  2. The keys to exceeding customer expectations
  3. Fixing things when they go wrong
  4. Keep service breakdowns from becoming emotional

V. Improved Interpersonal Skills

  1. Improve your listening skills
  2. Handling angry customers on the telephone
  3. Helping the customer when they are in the wrong
  4. Stay calm and in control of your emotions

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