Battling Negative Social Media Reviews

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Battling Negative Social Media Reviews

Social media is revolutionizing the way businesses are run, allowing companies to spread the word about their products to a wider audience than ever before. However, along with this incredible marketing opportunity also comes an unfortunate side effect; disgruntled and unsatisfied customers can have an equally large audience that they can reach with complaints about your business’s performance. Negative reviews are bad for any business, and they all start at the same place: a disappointed customer who feels unfulfilled and unappreciated. While we have all dealt with the customer who will not be unsatisfied, those instances are the exception rather than the norm. More often than not, disgruntled and difficult customers are a product of your customer service efforts failing to effectively manage problems or complaints.

How Can Our Company Avoid Negative Reviews?

Inevitably, things go wrong in any business, but how a customer will walk away from the situation really can depend on your customer service representatives. When you hire employees, you may think that their training consists of educating them on your products, services or company polices, but true customer service training goes far beyond that. Improving customer service starts with training your employees regarding some important fundamentals on how to deal with difficult customers. From how to diffuse difficult customers to managing their own stress, employees need to learn comprehensive customer service strategies that will help them boost your company’s overall customer satisfaction.

What Should Good Customer Service Training Entail?

At Proven Training Solutions, we craft individualized customer service training programs for businesses just like yours. We take time to learn your niche, your challenges, and your future goals for growing your business. Through 25 years training experience, we understand the most common customer service weaknesses so we can custom-tailor our affordable customer service training to be both as engaging and as effective as possible for your business. We create dynamic training programs that have been trusted by some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies, and we are ready to bring our expertise to your team. Turn social media into an asset, rather than a weakness by boosting your customer service performance with Proven Training Solutions. To learn more, contact us for a custom training proposal and price quote today!

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