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Harassment in the workplace is bad for business. It not only hurts morale and productivity, but it can also make it more difficult to hold on to qualified employees. In addition, once word gets out that harassment is occurring, the reputation of your entire organization can be affected. The lost productivity, internal & external investigation time, legal fees, settlements and damage awards could end up costing your company tens of thousands of dollars.

Be proactive and help increase your employee’s understanding by providing harassment prevention training. As an employer, it is your responsibility to maintain a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination. In fact, you are legally obligated to provide your employees with a safe environment. If you allow harassment to flourish, your company will pay the price.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, “prevention & harassment prevention training are the best tools to eliminate all forms workplace harassment. An employer should take all steps necessary to prevent harassment from occurring, such as affirmatively raising the subject, expressing strong disapproval, developing appropriate sanctions, informing employees of how to raise concerns…” This can take care of the issue in house so it doesn’t end up in the court house!

The best way to proactivley harassment in the workplace before it becomes an issue is by providing harassment prevention training to our employees. Proper harassment prevention training will help establish stronger working relationships throughout your entire organization. Training will provide a more comfortable working environment and effectively improve production. With the right harassment prevention training, employees will learn to communicate with one another in a more professional manner reducing the risk of misunderstandings and misperceptions.

By providing your employees with proper harassment prevention training, they will be able to identify and avoid conduct in the workplace that may be offensive. They will have a better understanding of the correct behavior expectations and responsibilities. In addition, they will learn to eliminate any form of workplace harassment before it starts.

Through harassment prevention training and teaching your employees how to understand, identify and avoid the most common forms of workplace harassment, you are protecting your entire organization. Proper training is the best way to reinforce company policies against workplace harassment and discrimination. It also gives you a chance to clearly reinforce that all employees have the right to work in a harassment free workplace and that the company does have and will support in-house remedies to harassment issues.

Proven Training Solutions can help you promote a respectful workplace with harassment prevention training. Your employees will learn how to proactivly prevent harassment, which is beneficial to the entire organization.

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