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Hoping to strengthen the confidence and effectiveness of new supervising staff members while also motivating them to reach their goals?

If you have recently promoted a member or members(s) of your staff to management roles and you want to see them excel our training program can help. The Proven Training Solutions, Supervisors Training Benefits & Delivers has been specifically designed to coach and inspire new management staff to excel in their new positions CoinJoin. By easing the transition from peer to supervisor and providing employees with tips and counselling to help them succeed in their new position. Our program also increases productivity and output from employees in all departments by motivating management staff. By focusing on improving communication skills and bridging the gap between employees and managers, this curriculum helps new managers overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Help Ease The Transition From Employee To Manager

When you promote from within your worker pool, you demonstrate that you feel confident in your employees and provide opportunities for your staff. However, for new supervisors the transition from staff member to managing staff can be quite difficult. If you want this employee to excel in their new role, you need to provide them with the tools and knowledge to help them feel confident and transition easily. Our Proven Training Solutions: Supervisors Training Benefits and Deliverables you can prepare and inspire your new manager to embrace their new position within your business team.

Supervisors Training Benefits and Deliverables Key Points:

I. Enhancing Interpersonal Management Skills

  • Establishing the foundation of trust and confidence with our employees
  • Recognize the importance of how management styles influence employee behavior
  • Deal more effectively with different people and personalities
  • Apply common sensed motivating principles to improve performance

II. Build a Solid Team

  • Create a clear team vision
  • Increase employee’s accountability and responsibility
  • Understand the pitfalls and obstacles to delegation
  • Delegate more effectively with our employees
  • Develop more effective communication skills
  • Improve our listening skills
  • Establish Fair & Consistent Discipline Guidelines

III. Develop a 5 step coaching process to improve performance

  • Make performance evaluations more effective in improving employee performance
  • Use a 5 step counselling process to turn employees around
  • Understand the legal pitfalls of warnings and documentation
  • Establish a safe progressive discipline procedure
  • Apply legally safe termination guidelines

IV. Handling Difficult Situations

  • Deal with chronic complainers and gripers
  • Handle difficult, abrasive and explosive personalities
  • Supervise employees who are personal friends or former peers
  • Manage employees who are older or have more seniority than the manager
  • Introduce and support change more effectively
  • Handle personal problems that employees bring to work
  • Deal with absenteeism or tardiness effectively

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