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The reality of the professional world is that it is a diverse place, and unfortunately, employees sometimes struggle with differentiating what types of behavior and language are appropriate in the workplace. Whether their frames of reference are the product of their generation, education or personal experiences, even executive level professionals may not fully grasp what it means to be inclusive and sensitive to others. Very often, issues with sensitivity and propriety do not come from a place of maliciousness or intent. Professionals who demonstrate problems with sensitivity may lack the appropriate training and awareness to even realize the issue. At Proven Training Solutions, we specialize in professional sensitivity training so that your company can cultivate better employees and a healthy workplace environment.

Why is Sensitivity Training Important?

While many business leaders laugh off sensitivity training as a silly concept, others have learned that an unhealthy workplace environment can become a very costly liability. A workplace that embraces respect and diversity as part of the company culture typically has happier, and therefore more productive, employees. A toxic work environment leads to poor morale, decreased performance, and opens a company up to costly litigation.

What Types of Sensitivity Training Does Proven Training Solutions Offer?

Most commonly, we provide targeted sensitivity training for managers that they can enhance diversity and respect in the workplace. As leaders in their professional environments, managers are tasked with setting the example, as well as understanding how to appropriately educate, promote and enforce a respectful workplace. From becoming effective communicators to developing proactive strategies for a non-discriminatory environment, our sensitivity training for executives gives business leaders the tools they need to cultivate a truly professional company culture.

In addition to targeting managers and employees in a more typical business setting, we also provide unique sensitivity training for physicians. Despite the educational components built into most medical school curriculums, many doctors still graduate ill-equipped to deal with the true spectrum of personalities, beliefs, attitudes and situations of their patients. Furthermore, they sometimes struggle to balance their own roles as authority figures while understanding the personal and emotional baggage that each patient brings with them.  Our sensitivity training for doctors is specifically crafted to address those unique issues that crop up for medical practitioners.

To learn more about customized sensitivity training programs that we offer at Proven Training Solutions, contact us  today for an individualized training plan and quote. Let us help you improve and protect your business by creating a healthy and respectful workplace environment.

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