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Stress Management Training

Do you see the tell-tale signs of poor time management and employee overload? Do you know if you need to offer stress management training ? Ask yourself if this sounds like your work environment?

  • Missed deadlines
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Decreased job quality
  • Conflict among employees
  • Volatile employee outbursts

If this sounds like your department, stress management training may be for you. Through this training, your employees can work more efficiently, manage stress better, and ensure higher quality and higher output with less effort. Stress management training is especially important for our top employees. The 20% who provide 80% of the work value are historically over worked and correspondingly over stressed. Everyone wants these employees on their teams and projects because they always deliver.

How will stress management training ensure higher quality and higher output? By applying the tools that will be learned in our effective stress management training, your employees will:

  • Manage pressure and stress more effectively
  • Develop improved coping and work habits
  • Improve the way they deal with difficult people &  difficult situations
  • Reduce stress levels by becoming more proactive
  • Reducing preventable errors by being less stressed
  • Decrease the number of times that ‘re-work’ or ‘re-do’ has to be performed on the same task
  • Handle crises more quickly without losing their cool
  • Being able to focus on quality and deadlines instead of drama and pressure
  • Will learn how to be more productive and get more out of a work day

If your organization sounds like it could benefit from effective stress management training, let the experts at Proven Training Solutions show you how effective quality employee training can be. PTS has been developing and delivering customized on site training for over 25 years. Let them help you and your employees.

Through our training solutions, you’ll see reduced stress, increased team work, increased productivity and  improvements in efficiency. Stress management training may just be the key to unlocking the door to work place peace and productivity.

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