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Invest In New Supervisors

You have promoted one of your staff to a supervisory position. The employee is honored, flattered and eager to take on new responsibilities. This person was likely chosen due to a strong work ethic and has shown an ability and desire to complete tasks on time and with excellent quality. Now they have the chance to lead the department and instill the same quality and commitment to their new staff.

While this sounds like it should come easy, it is quite often not the case. Hard workers do not necessarily have the tools to oversee a department which is why new supervisor training should be administered. Rising one step up on the corporate ladder brings a different view in terms of responsibility. Now they have to report directly to the manager and attempt to successfully lead a group of people that they have worked with on the same level.

Jealousy could be harbored from the existing staff. Perhaps some of the staff are older and have more seniority (but are not necessarily more qualified). A new supervisor may be reluctant to discipline or direct the people that they have worked shoulder to shoulder with. From the start, a lack of confidence, stress or a fear of failure can creep into the mindset of the new supervisor. So how do you nip this in the bud?

New supervisor training programs are available from a variety of sources. Books and seminars are popular however a growing number of companies are steering toward on-site training. This training allows the supervisor to spend a portion of their working day in training and be able to be there to handle problems as they come up.

These training sessions help the new supervisor to strengthen the confidence level required to lead their staff. Offering instruction to convert from employee to supervisor aids in gaining the support and necessary production from their employees. Establishing this trust is critical to perform these new duties.

Guidance on documenting performance issues and communicating effectively are offered along with tips on how to deal with a wide range of emotions within their staff. This, combined with the training for stress management gives the new supervisor a leg up on their evolution and growth. You’ve invested your faith and confidence in your new supervisors; now is the time to train them to achieve their fullest potential. Proven Training Solutions offer a 100% money back guarantee on all new supervisor training programs

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