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Handle Employee Attitude Problems

Helping Managers Handle Employee Attitude Problems

If you have an employee, or several employees who exhibit a lot of negativity in the workplace or who have an ongoing “attitude” problem, these issues should be addressed immediately. Employees with negative attitudes can cause a lot of problems in the workplace, and affect all aspects of your business. Another potential danger is having the attitude or problem employee start to affect other employees and other departments. How can a manager change employee behavior through counseling? A manager with a problem employee will need some good interpersonal communication skills to deal with and prevent future attitude problems.

Here are a few ways that you can effectively handle employee attitude problems:

  • Training for Your Managers: Managers and supervisors who receive handle employee attitude problems training may be better able to deal with conflict in the workplace. When workplace conflict is reduced you can improve performance and overall morale.
  • Identify the Source: Conflict management training can help you to identify the causes of an attitude problem. Learn how to spot warning signs during the interview process. Be aware that temporary attitude problems could stem from sources outside of the workplace like personal problems at home.
  • Prevention: Create a work climate that wards off attitude problems coming out in the first place. Be aware of how cultural differences or harassment can lead to issues with employee attitude. Avoid a cutthroat office environment that can lead to increased attitudes among your workers.
  • Create A Culture Of Cooperation: If the culture of your workplace reflects a commitment to teamwork and cooperation, there will be fewer chances for bad attitudes to arise. Employees who are used to working together without conflict will have fewer reasons to develop attitudes.
  • Develop a Plan: Formulate an active and aggressive plan to handle employee attitude problems and other difficult situations and people. Make sure that your supervisors and managers have received the proper performance appraisal training to enable them to work with employees on developing behavior turn-around plans.
  • Know When Documentation Is Required: Ongoing attitude problems will need a good documentation trail of  warnings, both written and verbal so that you can easily determine when it is time to go into a more formal discipline process.

When managers have the skills to handle employee attitude problems, you may find that your office has fewer people exhibiting problems. Proper training is crucial for creating the environment and know-how to deal with emotionally charged situations and to create a workplace that is conflict-free.

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