Sensitivity Training Develops a Respectful Workplace

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Sensitivity Training Develops a Respectful Workplace

Sensitivity training helps employees communicate more effectively and increases their understanding of how or why why some comments & humor might be perceived as offensive. PTS’s sensitivity training also helps employees understand the impact their personality type, behavior & communication styles can have on their relationships with coworkers. The benefits your company can reap from respectful workplace training are more than just a perceptive staff. With respectful workplace training, you can ensure employees feel valuable and comfortable in the work environment and are ready to tackle problems head on, thereby increasing productivity.

Sensitivity training is meant to foster the following advantages:

  • Improved Communication. When co-workers are able to take the time to recognize differences in communication styles as well as learn how to overcome communication barriers, dialogue improves. Sensitivity training helps employees to see everyone interacts in a different way, and that different doesn’t have to mean bad.
  • Reduction of Harassment. Sometimes, harassment may occur simply because someone isn’t aware of another’s feelings or beliefs. It may also occur because they don’t understand the rules of the office. Respectful workplace training focuses on explaining the policies in detail as well as encouraging co-workers to put themselves in someone else’s shoes before they speak.
  • Better Work Relationships. When groups of people feel more comfortable and friendly around one another, it’s easier for them to work together towards a common goal. When people enjoy being around each other, they’ll look forward to coming to work and will be happier to do their jobs.
  • Recognition of Personal Responsibility. When a person realizes they are responsible for their words and actions and that what they do affects others, that person becomes more respectful and conscientious. Sensitivity training encourages people to recognize personal responsibility and to be accountable for their work and their attitude.
  • Understanding of Proper Work Behavior. It’s important employees understand clearly what is and is not appropriate behavior at work. Respectful workplace training encourages workers to become familiar with the rules set forth in their office and to value and respect these rules.
  • Increased Employee Productivity. It’s easier for anyone to work hard and well in an environment where they’re comfortable. When someone feels threatened, they’re much more likely to show a decline in productivity, leading to losses for the company. Respectful workplace training isn’t just about feelings, it’s about the bottom line, as well.

Respectful workplace training is a great way to get your employees together for both a collaborative and educational experience. They’ll have a good time learning tips to better their relationships and their communications, and you’ll see a drastic improvement in productivity and problem solving.

Proven Training Solutions is here to help your business increase productivity in a fast paced, fun training environment. If you want a more productive work environment which fosters respect, contact us to receive info on our sensitivity training offerings.

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