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Deal With Angry Customers

By staying calm, you may be able to satisfy even the most upset customer. Even if you don’t, you can maintain your professionalism. One of the hardest things to teach people who are new to customer service is the art of staying calm when you have to deal with angry customers. While there’s nothing easy [...]

Invest In New Supervisors

You have promoted one of your staff to a supervisory position. The employee is honored, flattered and eager to take on new responsibilities. This person was likely chosen due to a strong work ethic and has shown an ability and desire to complete tasks on time and with excellent quality. Now they have the chance [...]

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Time Management Training Benefits Everyone

In the fast paced business world of today, our organizational skills and time management at work can make all the difference between who surges to the front of the pack and who is left choking on their competitors’ dust. Fortunately, the skills businesses need their employees to have are teachable. From the lowliest clerk or [...]

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Sensitivity Training for Executives

In today’s world, with a lagging economy that is only starting to show signs of coming around, stress is one of the biggest contributors to loss of productivity. Companies want all levels of management to ‘do more with less’ and at the same time increase the bottom line for the good of the company. That [...]

Defuse Difficult and Demanding Customers

There is no doubt about it the ability to defuse difficult and demanding customers can be hard to master. Not only is it stressful for employees, as they worry about getting in trouble at work if they do not satisfy the customers’ needs, but it is also tough to not take things personally when a [...]

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Management and Leadership Training Gives Managers Confidence

As a business grows, and employees are promoted to management positions, we sometimes forget that their promotions most likely came from their performance, and not necessarily from their history of or experience with management principles. New managers often struggle with their changing roles, and may not understand what it takes to be an effective manager [...]

Harness the Power of a Team

There’s no underestimating the power of teams in business. A well-defined team pulls together to accomplish business goals and finish projects. But, it’s not always easy to get a well-defined team to work together. In fact, teams go through a series of development phases finding out how to work together effectively. These stages of managing [...]

Employment Law Training For Supervisors

It can be difficult enough to source and recruit new employees to fill openings on your staff. Many man-hours are invested to ensure that you select the best qualified candidates to complete the team that will best carry out the functions of your department. But it is not a perfect science and while you think [...]