This Retro Customer Service Training Video Shows You What Not To Do

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This Retro Customer Service Training Video Shows You What Not To Do

Customer Service Training Is No Laughing Matter But This Retro Instruction Video Sure is Funny!

Just from watching this old customer service training video from the 1980’s you can see how far we have come in the methods that we use to train and inform employees about customer service. In the past cheesy training content like this was used to instruct managers and employees about customer service procedures and behaviours. Now, we use a more intensive and interactive approach to providing customer service training instruction. However, the lesson about “common decency” is still true – we just present the information a bit differently.

There is still plenty of comedic value to be found in the hilarious retro training video. Perhaps, you can show it to you staff for a laugh and then follow up with a conversation about what behaviours were inappropriate and what behaviour improvements should be made?

Proven Training Solutions Curriculum : How To Deliver World Class Customer Service Training

Unlike this funny retro customer service training video that we just shared with you the Proven Training Solutions Curriculum: How To Deliver World Class Customer Service has been developed to teach employees top quality customer service skills through intensive hands on training. We use high quality instructional tools and interactive scenario training to explain and educate employees about customer service procedures. Using our ” 4 Steps To Delivering World Class Customer Service” strategy we help staff members master the art of providing wonderful customer service that people take notice of.

Are you concerned about your customer retention? Have you recently received a negative review? The Proven Training Solution Curriculum addresses the common mistakes that are made by employees that impact customer experience and put-off consumers. We provide the information in an easy to understand and hands on fashion so that your employees can feel confident coping with common grievances and complaints. We all include scenario training and role play style teaching in order to provide hands on practice so that employees can return their positions with the skills needed to deliver excellent customer service. We promise that your customer feedback will improve!

Although, the retro customer service training video that we have shared may seem funny, providing great customer service is not a laughable manner. When excellent customer service is not provided consumers are lost to the competition and this directly impacts the bottomline of your business. One way to avoid and prevent these losses is by providing employees with excellent training tools that will boost their confidence and knowledge, helping your business thrive.

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