Why Sexual Harassment Training In California Is Essential For Your Business

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Why Sexual Harassment Training In California Is Essential For Your Business

In 2013 California City Mayor Was Accused of Sexual Harassment, Just Another Reason Why Sexual Harassment Training Is Extremely Important

Sexual harassment training is often overlooked as a non-essential business training curriculum by managers. However, as an increasingly large number of sexual harassment lawsuits are issued against business operators the importance of providing sexual harassment training for all management staff cannot be emphasized enough.

Take for example this instance from 2013, when the former mayor of California City, Pat Bohannon, faced sexual harassment allegations from employee Dawn Ferguson. The lawsuit came from allegations that Pat Bahonnon had made inappropriate “sexual” comments to Ferguson in front of co-workers. Bohannon, later stepped down from his position as mayor of California city following these allegations and extensive legal proceedings.

This is just on stand out example of a situation where sexual harassment training and sensitivity training may of prevented a series of unfortunate events. It is also evidence that even individuals in positions of management and authority should be expected to participate in sexual harassment and sensitivity training seminars and curriculums in the workplace. By enforcing this HR staff can assure that all parties are familiar with the appropriate behaviours and expectations regarding appropriate conduct within an organization. This in turn can make it much easier to uphold a zero tolerance policy and reprimand those who do not adhere to the established sexual harassment polices. The long term impact, is the avoidance of costly lawsuits and complaints which are typically unpleasant for all individuals involved.

Sexual Harassment Is Serious Business In Business

If you don’t take sexual harassment seriously and uphold high standards of conduct at every level then you could find yourself dealing with a lawsuit against your business or an employee within your business. There is no excuse for poor conduct and inappropriate behaviour in a working environment. By providing staff members at all levels with frequent sexual harassment training refreshers you can do your part to assure that everyone is on the same page regarding what is consider acceptable conduct and behaviour.

The incident with former California City Mayor is unfortunate for all involved parties. Pat Bahonnon eventually stepped down from his position and Fergunson was emotionally traumatized and severely upset by the incident. What seemingly was one extremely inappropriate remark to a co-worker turned out to be a very high profile lawsuit against a city official. If there is a lesson to be learnt here it is that sexual harassment training is not only relevant for all business operators it is also extremely vital if you wish to avoid such occurrences from happening within your own business.

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