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Interviewing & Hiring Top Performers

Learn how to spot winners, and hire for success with Proven Training Solutions: Interviewing and Hiring Top Performers!

Have you ever heard the expression that spotting talent is an art? If this is true, it is a certainly an art worth learning especially if you are in a management role where you are responsible for interviewing and hiring top performers. Learning how to navigate the interview process and choose “the right person for the job” requires a bit of education. Most of us are trained to go with our instincts in regards to picking people for specific jobs, but not all of us have knowledge to do this without fail. Occasionally, our inclination to provide “the benefit of the doubt” or “giving people a chance” can work against us. This is especially true when you are dealing with a work situation and productivity is a major concern. You want to be able to hire individuals who will not only fit naturally into their new position but who will also become an invaluable asset to the team.

How To Hire New Employees 101

Along with teaching interviewing and hiring skills for managers the Proven Training Solutions: Interviewing and Hiring Top performers also covers the basics of interview conduct. This includes the assuring that the interviewing and hiring process is legally safe, how to conduct unbiased interviews, and how to effectively choose applicants to interview. The program covers all of the legal details of conducting interviews and hiring new staff to help prevent liability.

Developing Excellent Interviewing Skills

The main focus of this training curriculum is to educate interviewers about interview procedures and best practices that will help them to identify high performing employees. They will learn how to not only identify technical skills that may prove to be an asset, but also notice the key characteristics of highly motivated individuals. Along with personality identifiers and people skills that will help to assure that the individual being hired will be co-operative and assimilate with the existing corporate team.

Conducting Effective Interviews

Effective managers should know how to obtain a good sense of an individual through the interviewing process in order to make informed hiring choices. With the help of the Proven Training Solutions: Interviewing & Hiring Top Performers you can provide managers with the tools that they need to be successful in this discipline and improve their hiring skills.

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