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Behavioral Interviewing Training

Learn how to fill positions with talented staff by improving management’s behavioral interviewing skills-

Is your current employee turnover very high? Do you constantly find yourself filling vacant positions, and conducting interviews without much luck in finding long-term staff with the skills that you need to grow your team? Hiring qualified employees and retaining them is an area where many business operators struggle. One of the reasons for this is because they fail to conduct a “job factor” analysis and identify behavior targets to find a suitable employee for the position. If you really want to reduce that amount of time it takes to hire a new staff member, and be able retain that staff member you may want to polish up your behavioral interviewing skills.

Behavioral interviewing is a factor of the interviewing process that identifies a potential staff members competencies and behaviors. It is during the standard interview process and involves examining patterns and personality factors that are revealed during the interview. By asking the right questions and looking carefully at the applicants response interviewers can actually identify whether or not the individual has long-term potential in the position that they are applying for. This is something that takes a keen eye for detail and plenty of experience conducting interviews. Behavioral interviewing is also something that can be taught with additional training and instruction.

Mastering Behavioral Interviewing With Proven Training Solutions

With a special Proven Training Curriculum that focuses on teaching Behavioral Interviewing techniques, supervising staff and management can become more adept at conducting interviews and streamline the hiring process. Managers can learn how to identify competent individuals who will thrive within existing teams and corporate structures.

With this program employee maintenance can be phenomenally improved, as better applicants are selected to fill positions that they are more suited towards. This allows business operators to focus on other areas such as team building, efficiency, and productivity instead of always trying to hire new staff to fill open positions.

If you’ve been dealing with a high employee turnover and aren’t certain how to resolve the problem this Proven Training Solutions program may be the key.

Highlights of Behavioral Interviewing

  • Help to identify competency and behaviors through interviewing
  • Conduct behavioral and competency focused interviews
  • Assess and document applicant performance during interview
  • Evaluate applicant interviews
  • Report interview outcome when hiring
  • Make recommendations during the interview
  • Evaluate and assess applicant during interview
  • How to sell a job position during an interview
  • Prepare and open an interview
  • Gather appropriate information
  • Legal interview conduct

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