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Working In A Matrix Influence Without Authority

In the good old days, the individual in charge was responsible for delegating tasks and assigning roles within a business. However, times have changed and new business structures have developed, often removing full power from a single individual and creating a matrix influence. The reason for this change is to increase productivity and instill a sense of ownership amongst workers. However, operating as a manager without authority can occasionally be tricky and requires additional skill training.

Being able to lead staff members without relying on an authority role requires much more effort than simply being placed into a “position of power”. It requires an individual who can earn the trust of others and gain respect, while also encouraging loyalty and a desire to do “your best work”. The type of person who is suited for a non authority leadership role, is someone who is both like-able but knows how to command respect. They should know how to work with others and encourage productivity. There aren’t many people out there who are naturally skilled at leading groups without being a management role. However, it is possible for individuals to learn how to become better leaders within a matrix influence so that they can thrive and encourage others to thrive with this type of command structure.

Tips For Leading Without Authority

It may be hard to believe but anyone can be a leader under the right circumstances. If given the right learning tools any individual can develop the essential skills to coordinate and achieve work objectives without being in a position of authority. Some ways that this is done include:

1. Clear communication
Learning how to clearly communicate with others is one of the first steps to operating within a matrix influence without authority. Being able to clearly state your goals and expectations and inspiring others to help you obtain these objectives can only be done with great communication skills.

2. Be Honest

Honesty and transparency are actually assets when it comes to dealing with management structures that have no authority figures. This is because people respond better to sincerity and openness than they do to closed doors and deceit. If you really want to thrive within this type of structure you need to be honest with your staff and share all of the relevant information.

3. Lead By Demonstration

Although, clear communication and honesty are essential the best way to function in a matrix influence without authority is to lead by demonstrating. In these situations a policy of “do as I do, not as I say” works wonders.

Functioning within an open work situation that does not have a control-based approach to leadership is not always easy. However, experts have proven that the results garnered from this type of structure can be phenomenal. Mastering this style of management is possible with the right educational tools and training. To find out more about this contact proven training solutions today!

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