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Our Onsite Training Prepares Your Managers to Lead During Times of Change

Are some important changes looming on the horizon? If so, we have change management tools & onsite training that can help you make the most out of the changes ahead. There’s no need to send your managers away for training. Our onsite training brings our professional trainers to your business. We offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the training, you don’t pay.

Our change mangement training will help your leadership team plan and implement more successful and less stressful change in your organization. Managers will learn techniques that work in getting employees on board and they’ll discover specific ways to guide them through the change. Our experts will teach managers specific leadership skills needed to implement a smoother transition and change. Through our experience, we know that preparing your managers beforehand provides the skills that they need to lead the company through these changes.

Our training will show managers the how change unfolds and help them understand where they fit in the three most important roles during the change process – Change Sponsor, Change Agent, and Change Target. Understanding their roles & responsibilities will help leaders clearly see the steps that they need to take to facilitate the change that you’re looking for and make sure that it’s followed through as planned. We can help them understand how change affects people and how to reduce employees’ resistance to & fear of change. In addition, we will show your managers proven methods that will increase their influence as leaders during and after the change has taken place.

Our emotional intelligence & interpersonal skills skills are a unique feature of our management on site training. We will help your managers form a more effective leadership style by improving their interpersonal communication skills. Our effective onsite courses also help managers understand how important emotional intelligence is in their repertoire of leadership skills. In our courses, managers learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses and how to use emotional intelligence to develop the most effective employee performance. By learning to use more constructive communication managers will find creative & effective ways to communicate and lead their employess.

Our proven track record of success makes our onsite training an excellent investment for your company. We know that you have put time and effort into identifying change opportunities and we can help them become more successful for your company, just like we have helped many other large and small companies. Some of our clients are Verizon Wireless, the U.S. Army, Omni Hotels, Bank of China, Cardinal Health Systems, American Express, and many more.

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