Avoiding Off Site Employee Pitfalls

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Avoiding Off Site Employee Pitfalls

Technology has revolutionized the way in which companies are able to function, and the ability to support telecommuting employees has opened the doors for expanding business models and cultivating increased talent pools. However, while many companies embrace the evolving model of off-site employees, off site employee management can be an unexpected challenge for even the most seasoned leaders.

What Are the Challenges to Off Site Employee Management?

Even a manager with years of experience may have no clue about how to approach the challenges of managing off site employees. They don’t understand that the typical management models for in-house staff often do not apply to off-site employee management. From ineffective communication to a lack of team identity and performance, the challenges of managing remote employees can be particularly difficult. How can a manager be sure that the employee isn’t taking advantage of the situation and lack of supervision? How do they cultivate responsibility and accountability through clearly defined performance metrics? How do they balance feelings of jealous, resentment or unfairness from their on-site staff? Effectively managing off-site employees is not an intuitive process, and businesses truly need managing off site employees training to ensure they develop the appropriate professional practices for supporting this modern business model.

Off site employee management training isn’t just about developing strategies for supervising employees for performance. It is also about asking what do offsite employees need to succeed. Has management given off-site employees defined expectations and performance measures? Do they have a clear line of communication and a clear chain of command? Do they have the tools, support and access to training that their on site counterparts have? Are they given equal consideration and opportunities?

At Proven Training Solutions, we are ready to help your business adapt to the challenges of off site employee management. We offer comprehensive training that specifically targets your business model, and will help your managers understand and correct the problems that face with their off-site employees. We will also help them anticipate future problems, and develop proactive strategies to avoid common telecommuter pitfalls. Contact us today to request an individualized training proposal and price quote, and discover how we can help your business turn your off-site employees into some of your very best assets.

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