Employment Law Training For Supervisors

Employment Law Training For Supervisors

It can be difficult enough to source and recruit new employees to fill openings on your staff. Many man-hours are invested to ensure that you select the best qualified candidates to complete the team that will best carry out the functions of your department.

But it is not a perfect science and while you think you have chosen the best candidate for the job, things can change. Perhaps your new hire had enough gift of gab to get past the screening process, but is not interested in doing their fair share. Or, some outside influences in the employee’s life has caused deterioration in their performance…or their evil twin shows up on day 91 of employment! .

Regardless of the circumstances, you are now faced with the unwanted task of terminating the employee. Employment law training for supervisors is essential to protect the company and helping us understand our rights as management.

It is essential to know the interpretation of the rules that are set out by the ADA, FMLA and the EEOC while dealing with your staff. At point of interview, certain questions are forbidden and if asked can cause future problems. Similarly, once an employee is on staff there can be issues such as harassment, discrimination and even injury on the job that can be the root of backlash between the employee and your company.

Employment law training for supervisors is beneficial to anyone who oversees employees in any department. Understanding and protecting our rights and the rights of the employee are key to defusing any hostile feelings and showing fairness in our actions.

Employment law training for supervisors also comes into play in terms of defining every team member’s role and job description. This is especially true in situations where a new manager or supervisor is hired to manage an existing core of employees. Gaining confidence as a team leader and motivating the employees to follow the company line are crucial to a productive department with low turnover of workers.

Delegation of work and accepting feedback are part of the manager’s responsibility and when executed properly can not only prevent disciplinary issues but also keep the company’s progress moving forward.

There are many ways to get this useful training, but nothing compares to on-site training. On-site employment law training for supervisors allows learning to take place at your place of business. This kind of training ensures that your company is up to date with the current laws and regulations and that they are applied correctly. All the training is done at your location with minimal productivity loss and no travel costs to pay. Our on site training saves you time & money and quickly pays for itself.

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