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Performance Management Training for Government Agencies

Performance management training for government agencies is one of the greatest changes and initiatives public sector managers face. Recent changes in performance management focus, performance appraisal processes and senior agency executive compensation make performance management training in government a top priority in complying with federal personnel guidelines.

At Proven Training Solutions, we have the years of experience and knowledge necessary to provide the performance management training in government agencies that is both required and needed.

With Proven Training Solutions, you can receive performance management training for government agencies that includes the following areas:

  • Performance evaluations
  • Coaching employees to excel
  • Counseling skills to change behavior
  • Performance feedback
  • Formal and informal discipline


Comprehensive performance management training for government agencies incorporates elements of many of these areas of management training and development. After all, the better prepared and trained your supervisors are to manage the more efficient and effective their employees will be.

Similarly, customer service skills are critical for those routinely called upon to work with the public, as well as for those government employees who provide internal customer service and support.

The professionals at Proven Training Solutions will provide you with performance management training for government agencies your staff needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help provide you with performance management training for government agencies.

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