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Time Management Training For Supervisors

When it comes to management and leadership training workshops and seminars, one important area that is often overlooked is time management.

While it is certainly vital to teach managers how to be effective leaders, capable of motivating their employees, it is equally as important to focus on effective time management training for supervisors.

After all, a supervisor with poor time management skills will quickly become stressed and potentially unable to adequately supervise his or her employees.

By including time management training workshops, you can make certain your supervisors are getting as much out of their day as possible. Not only will this ultimately help reduce the stress your supervisors experience, it will also improve the productivity of your supervisors, as well as your employees.

A few strategies that supervisors may learn at time management training workshops include…

  • Creating an effective open door policy that allows employees to obtain necessary assistance, while preventing the supervisor’s day from being overrun by small problems
  • Learning how to empower employees to handle situations that do not require the assistance of a supervisor
  • Remaining flexible and preventing circumstances from taking control, while still using time efficiently
  • Developing weekly, monthly and annual goals
  • Making prioritized lists each day
  • Avoiding the tendency to think ahead to unpleasant tasks, and dwelling on the negative feelings that are associated with the task
  • Identifying tasks that could be delegated to other employees
  • Running meetings that are well-organized by having an agenda and remaining on task
  • Identifying tasks that are time consuming, and eliminating or altering those tasks in order to save time

The effort spent in time management training will be worthwhile because it will ultimately free up a supervisor or manager’s time through increased personal productivity and improved delegation decision making.

When looking to develop your management team, don’t overlook time management training. After all, the more effectively your supervisors handle their schedules & time, the more productive your employees will be — and the more profit your business can make.

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