The Importance of Sensitivity Training for Doctors

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The Importance of Sensitivity Training for Doctors

Doctors are trained extensively on how to diagnose and treat patient ailments, however most doctors receive little to no interpersonal skills or sensitivity training. In today’s competitive medical field and litigious environment, proper sensitivity training is vital. Sensitivity training not only ensures the doctors deal with patients in an empathetic manner that creates an enhanced patient experience; it also facilitates a respectful and harassment free workplace for the physician, nurses and other hospital staff. This improves the working environment and ensures a smooth relationship among the health care team. The more harmonious teamwork adds to the safety net of care provided to the patient. While increasing productivity, this type of training also helps the medical facility avoid potential legal issues or complaints that may arise from patients or co-workers.

Patients expect efficient, knowledgeable and compassionate care. Medical staff co-workers should also expect a professional and respectful working environment. In some cases, busy doctors may overlook being considerate and empathetic in how they communicate or treat hospital staff or co-workers. This can lead to potential discrimination or harassment complaints.

Many patient issues are of a sensitive nature and emotions can run high, so when the physician has received sensitivity training, they are better equipped to manage that side of the equation and ensure that both patients and co-worker’s needs are being met. Strong communication, a sense of caring and a treatment team that works together seamlessly are all vital to the patient’s welfare.

Sensitivity training for physicians is needed today more than ever due to the fast pace that is part of the healthcare environment. Hospital administrators and HR professionals are in a very difficult position when a patient or employee makes a complaint against a physician. More than ever, patients have multiple choices when it comes to health care providers and facilities can earn the wrong reputation quickly. Employees also expect a respectful and harassment free workplace and want to choose the right employer where they will be treated professionally.

Proven Training Solutions has successful developed and delivered sensitivity and interpersonal communication training for physicians and surgeons. Our sensitivity training programs are of the highest quality and provide the doctor with the necessary skills, understanding and perspective to better manage patient and co-worker interactions. Hospital HR and risk management professionals have even developed action plans the physician must meet in order to maintain their hospital medical privileges. These plans have included the doctor not only being required to attend our training, but the individual physician is also responsible for paying for the training. Call us toll-free at 1-800-403-5456 for a confidential proposal and price quote.

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