Is The “Old Boy” Network Affecting Your Employees?

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Is The “Old Boy” Network Affecting Your Employees?

Diversity Training And Sexual Harassment Training Can Help: Do Something Before It’s Too Late

Today’s multi-faceted workplace is made up of different sexes, races, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations. The employees in today’s workplace work with many different types of people on a daily basis. Issues based upon these factors can dramatically impact project and organizational success, worker productivity and employee morale.

More than likely, you know if you have issues. If you do, you may be in need for sexual harassment training and diversity training. Give yourself this quick quiz…

  • Are insensitive comments commonplace?
  • Has worker productivity decreased because of an uncomfortable work environment?
  • Is the “old boy” network impacting the morale of some employees, impeding their performance or preventing their ascension?
  • Have harassment complaints been formally or informally made?
  • Are you comfortable in ALL of the questions being asked in your hiring process?
  • Do managers understand harassment, diversity, and what makes an “uncomfortable or hostile” work environment?
  • Do you have – and follow – defined diversity and harassment policies?
  • Are state and federal sexual harassment training guidelines met in your organization?

Too often, the answers to these questions are less than positive – or require too much thought. Don’t let harassment get a foothold in your workplace! Implement a comprehensive plan of diversity training and sexual harassment training.

Your employees are one of your richest assets – without them, your organization would come to a screeching halt. Ensure they have a comfortable work environment and are protected.

Ensure your managers are also well informed and properly educated. Diversity training and sexual harassment training should be an integral part of your employee education process.

It is possible to see an increase in work productivity through an improved work environment afforded by diversity training and sexual harassment training. Following training, employees tend to build stronger working relationships, become more sensitive to the differences of others, and communicate more positively and professionally with others.

And with recurring diversity training and sexual harassment training, you can help ensure your organization remains a better place to work, free of sexual innuendos and the “old boy” network. Through diversity training and sexual harassment training — and the educational opportunities they afford your employees — you’ll be taking a step to fostering a positive workplace.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your workplace through diversity training and sexual harassment training.

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