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Effective Performance Appraisal Training

One of the most important parts of any manager’s job is doing regular performance appraisals. Your employees count on their performance evaluations at a minimum of once a year to communicate their performance level and provide formal feedback from their manager. Most organizations also use them to determine raise eligibility. Perhaps even more significantly is the need that each person in your organization has to know if they are living up the expectations set out for them in their jobs.

An effective performance appraisal is an art, and not every manager comes to their position knowing how to perform them. Yet with more and more companies moving to results based performance management, it is incumbent on business owners to make sure their management team is equipped to do them by providing performance appraisal training.

Effective performance appraisal training is increasingly popular because it helps bring personal accountability to the performance evaluation process. The training professionals at Proven Training Solutions have developed the a top notch curriculum to help enhance performance appraisal training at your company. We will customize the program to fit your appraisal form and process. Your management team will learn how to set & communicate standards, provide on-going performance feedback, conduct a fair and effective evaluation and most importantly, improve the employee’s performance. 

Hiring a team of management training professionals is an investment in your business. The trainers from Proven Training Solutions can tailor our performance appraisal training curriculum to meet your unique needs, and can hold training at your location to minimize down time, lost productivity and travel costs.

Proven Training Solutions has been bringing performance appraisal training to companies since 1987. An effective manager is a combination of many important qualities, not the least of which is confidence. Make sure your management team has all the tools they need to get the most out of their employees, including an effective performance appraisal training. 

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